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Student administration

Online course planning

Online course planning (EpN) is a tool for creating, modifying and quality assuring information about HiOA's courses - from the lecturer via the department and the faculty to HiOA's student database (FS). From FS, the course descriptions will be published to HiOA's websites.

EpN academic year 2016/2017

There are five academic environments participating in a pilot project for EpN in the academic year 2016/2017:

  • Bachelor's programme in Business Administration and Economics (all three programme options) at the Oslo Business School, SAM.
  • Master's programme in Library and Information Science and in Management of library and Information Institution at the Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Science, SAM.
  • Bachelor's programme in Dental Technology at the Department of Life Sciences and Health, HF.
  • Bachelor's programme in radiography at the Department of Life Sciences and Health, HF.
  • Bachelor's programme in Psychology with an Emphasis on Behaviour Analysis at the Department of Behavioural Science, HF.

Guidelines for the various roles in EpN

Guidelines for lecturer/ person with course responsibility (Pdf)

Guidelines for the quality controller (Pdf)

Guidelines for  the approver (Pdf)

Guidelines for the FS-clearer (Pdf)

User documentation from the system administrator (FSAT) (Pdf)


Do you have problems or questions about the use of EpN?

Notify the faculty's EpN-contact:

HFs programplanteam:

At SAM: Turid Brattaas: and Ann Sofie Winther:

Kontakt oss vedrørende EpN

Opplever du problemer eller har du spørsmål til bruken av EpN? Meld fra til fakultetets EpN-kontakt: