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Online course planning

Online course planning

Online course planning (EpN) is a tool for creating, modifying and quality assuring information about HiOA's courses - from the lecturer via the department and the faculty to HiOA's student database (FS). From FS, the course descriptions will be published to HiOA's websites.

Guidelines for the various roles in EpN

Guidelines for lecturer/ person with course responsibility (Pdf)

Guidelines for the quality controller (Pdf)

Guidelines for  the approver (Pdf)

Guidelines for the FS-clearer (Pdf)

User documentation from the system administrator (FSAT) (Pdf)


Do you have problems or questions about the use of EpN?

Notify the faculty's EpN-contact:

HFs programplanteam: epn-hf@hioa.no

At SAM: Turid Brattaas: Turid.Brattaas@hioa.no and Ann Sofie Winther: ann-sofie.winther@hioa.no

Kontakt oss vedrørende EpN

Kontakt oss vedrørende EpN