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Election of employee representatives in LWEC

Electoral arrangements must comply with the regulations.

LWEC is a formal sub-committee under the WEC, a sub-committee governed by law / regulation.

Its members are elected for a two year period and must have personal deputies.

The faculty / central administration safety delegate (FVO) holds one of the employee places in LWEC.

LWEC’s secretariat must ensure that the election of the other employee representatives complies with the provisions of the "Regulations on organisation, management and employee participation". The regulations descrive different electoral systems: 

  • Majority – see section 3-9 for details. The election is led by an election committee appointed by LWEC.
  • If more than half of the employees are members of two or more trade unions, these may decide how the election should be run (section 3-10)

Please note that the regulations mention about trade unions in general, not just those who are represented in IDF.

The majority voting scheme is important and can be delicate, so it would be an advantage if the trade unions assume the responsibility for the appointments. They can do this by

  • appointing members and deputies in consultation with the safety delegates
  • appointing members and deputies themselves
  • deciding that the majority voting should be arranged as described in section 3-9 of the Regulations (try to avoid this).

If the trade unions themselves appoint the employee representatives (+ deputies), they are of course free to choose who they want, however they will probably listen to advice about which qualities to emphasise. The LWEC secretariat, in cooperation with the FVO, should therefor decide on some key words describing what is considered important in order to put together a powerful LEWC, e.g. experience as a safety delegate.