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Order documents from before September 2014

Order documents from before September 2014

On this page you will get access to documents registered before September 2014.

Search for documents dating from before September 2014

These are documents that previously were available in ePhorte (archive system).

Ordering documents dating from before 2007

Documents dating from before 2007 mainly exist on paper.  Send an order to if you need access to this documentation and we will find it for you.

The inquiry should clearly state what kind of link the material to which you wish access has. The more information we get, the faster you will get the material.

Normally it takes three - 3 - business days to process each order.

Original version

Generally, the original version of folders and documents is not lent out.

Sensitive information and documents

Sensitive information and documents that are to be used as part of administrative procedures must be registered in Public 360, the rest can be sent by e-mail.

Large amount of documentation

If you want access to a large amount of documentation or entire folders, we can agree upon a time for you to come here to SDI for a viewing.

Copies of certificates

If you want copies of certificates that have copies stored in the archive, a request applied a Rett kopi stamp can be sent directly to the former student.

Ordering diplomas

When ordering copies of diplomas, it is important to provide the following information:

  • Full name upon completion of studies
  • Personal identification number
  • When you began and completed the education
  • Correct programme of study
  • The faculty to which the programme of study belonged
  • which educational institution
  • Full current name
  • Accurate contact information; e-mail and postal addresses