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Digital Tools

Digital Tools

This overview contains recommended digital tools that can be used in teaching.
  • FeedbackFruits – Peer-to-peer reviews in Canvas

    FeedbackFruits is a tool that is integrated with Canvas and contains a lot of functionality that can be used to increase student participation.


    1. Contributes to cover students need and wish for more feedback on their work.
    2. Gives the teacher a better overview of students learning process.
    3. Gives an effective and simplified way to conduct peer-to-peer reviewing.
    4. Can give increased student activity and learning outcome.
    5. Can give increased working life relevance by training for giving feedback to others.
    6. Generates a lot of data that can be used in research on teaching and education.
  • Mentimeter – Presentation and feedback-tool

    With Mentimeter (, you create simple presentations that integrate polls or questions into your teaching. And students do not even have to register! Both questions and answers can be saved and reused later. Instructions for Mentimeter in Canvas (

    OsloMet offers a full version license on Mentimeter for all employees who want to use it. Click the button below to activate your license (requires OsloMet employee account).

    Get a Mentimeter license

  • Padlet – Digital board

    With Padlet ( you can collaborate on making mind maps, posting questions, notes or pictures, and get answers from teachers or fellow students. This can also be baked into other websites. Access and inappropriate posts are easy to manage. OsloMet has an institutional license. Contact DIGIN for access.

  • ThingLink – interactive pictures and videos

    With ThingLink, you create interactive images and videos by embedding elements at self-selected points in the image or video you upload. This video shows you how to use ThingLink (Norwegian).

    Use the code DUAZ2MZZ to register at

  • Audacity – Software to create podcasts


    A podcast is - simply explained - an audio file that is published online.

    Here you can discuss issues with colleagues or reflect on a topic, and publish. Students can learn good argumentation techniques and hear subjects anywhere - on the tram or on a jog. Podcasts give a new angle on the subject matter and make it relevant to society.

    To record, edit and save audio, we recommend the audio recording and editing program Audacity. Installed via Software Center.

  • Catchbox – Throw the microphone in the classroom

    Catchbox is a microphone made to be thrown around the classroom, so that it is easy to hear questions and input from everyone. In large rooms, we recommend two sound inputs, so the teacher's microphone can be used at the same time. Borrow Catchbox from DIGIN.

  • Moovly – Cloud Based Video Editing

    Moovly is a user friendly tool to edit videos and create animations. is approved for use of a free Education License ("Edu Free").

    Contact DIGIN if you need a license for the extended version.

  • Screencast-o-Matic – Screen Recording Software

    A tool to record your desktop, audio and web camera. You can also edit the videos that you record. As an employee at OsloMet you can activate a full version license yourself, on your PC or Mac, by following these steps:

    1. Install Screencast-O-Matic.

    2. Copy this link:

    3. Start the program and choose I have a Team Plan.

    4. Paste the link from step 2 og click OK.

    If you are working from home, you must be connected to eduVPN to be able to install the software.

  • Selfie Studio – film yourself

    In these rooms you can record yourself on high-resolution video, make screen recordings and use a document camera. The equipment is easy to use. Remember to do a test-recording before you start working, to make sure everything works.

    Room overview

    • KB-314 – Can be booked in Outlook. Access with your employee access card and PIN-code.

    • P46-PA136 – Can be booked in Outlook. Access with your employee access card and PIN-code.

    • P48-R306 – Has its own booking system by the door. Write your name on the list

    • P35-PS623 – Can be booked in Outlook. Access with your employee access card and PIN-code.

    The selfie studios in P35 and P46 and at Kjeller, saves the video in Mediasite. In P48 the recording is saved on a memory stick. See video tutorials for the P48 studio here.

  • WordPress og Edublogs – Blogs

    WordPress and Edublogs are practical tools to collect texts from students in one place. Uploaded content is available to anyone. Comment sections can be used for feedback. Both tools are free, but requires registration with e-mail-address.