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Digital Kollegastøtte (DiKo)

Digital Kollegastøtte (DiKo)

Our goal is to create a community in Teams where colleagues help each other with digital challenges, plus tips and tricks for an easier digital everyday life.

In the Digital Kollegastøtte (DiKo) forum, you can ask for advice from your colleagues, read useful tips and tricks, and even share things you think might be useful to others.

The channels in the forum are created based on different applications. If there is no channel for the application/service you want to ask for advice or share tips on, you can use the General channel.

Do you need to report an incident, or to order anything? Get in touch directly with the first line responsible for support on that application/service. You will find the contact information in a tab under each channel in Teams. The forum will not be used for inquiries that usually go to the first lines we have at OsloMet.

We hope this will be a great forum for you to interact and learn, both with and for other colleagues.

  • Search first to see if others asked about the same

    Before you post your post, find out if anyone has posted anything on the topic before, using the search engine/search box and searching for keywords and/or topics

  • Write a post

    To start writing your post, use the large formatting window by pressing A at the bottom left of the post window. This gives you access to a number of formatting features that you recognize from Word/Outlook. Always remember to make a headline. It makes it much easier for others to spot your post.

  • Increase the probability of getting an answer to your question

    Tag/mention the person by using @ and the person's name (without spaces). In this way, your colleagues get to know about your post and they get the opportunity to respond, comment, like, and give input.

  • Help answer what others are wondering

    If you have input someone else's posts that is great. Keep in mind not to create a new post, but make sure you comment on the post you are replying to. By doing this we keep topics and input in the same place (easy to find and understand for everyone).

  • Receive notifications from DiKo

    If you want to receive notifications when new posts are published on this channel, you do this by clicking on the three dots next to the channel, select channel notification and set up the type of notification you want. The same applies if you want to stop following a channel.

  • Contribute to collaboration and engagement

    Be generous with likes, thumbs up, hearts, and smiles. It makes your day and your colleagues' day both more enjoyable and more efficient.