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Description of the function of zone coordinator

Description of the function of zone coordinator

Zone coordinators are to support the manager in the implementation of the systematic fire safety work, and contribute to the enterprise’s fire prevention and firefighting tasks.

Zone coordinators report to their superior and report non-conformities in the non-conformity system themselves. Local additional duties must be clarified with the administrative fire safety adviser and fire zone coordinator. The zone coordinator is chosen by the unit's manager.

Responsibility and roles

Delegated duties must be agreed between the manager and the zone coordinator. Different units have different distinctive characteristics and needs, which determine the relevant tasks.

The zone coordinator must have knowledge and understanding of fire technical and organisational circumstances in the object. The zone coordinator shall encourage/take the initiative for evacuation in the event of a fire alarm/fire.


The zone coordinator must have the necessary competence to be capable of carrying out their duties, with particular knowledge of the fire safety requirements and evacuation procedures. Training is provided through courses and information material.

Main duties

  • Keeping the manager informed of important conditions that concern fire safety
  • Assisting the manager by providing information to employees about their role in the fire safety work
  • Carrying out regular observation rounds and reporting non-conformities
  • Receiving information in advance of evacuation drills
  • In the event of evacuation:
    • Put on a fire vest when the fire alarm sounds and take the initiative to evacuating the building
    • Assist people with a functional impairment
    • Control the area as far as it is safe to do so. You should prioritise your own safety. Help to ensure that the people evacuated assemble at the designated assembly points away from the buildings and that emergency response vehicles are not obstructed.
    • Bring the zone card hanging on a separate zone map and hand it in to the agreed function or person.

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