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Here you will find information about ordering coaches for employees and students

Scope of the agreement

The agreement concerns rental of bus transportation for HiOA’s students and staff. Unibuss Tur AS offers buses of different sizes with room for 15-78 passengers. If it is necessary to transport more people in connection with special activities etc., several buses can be set up.

Booking bus transportation

All orders must be sent to Unibuss Tur AS via the booking system. Contact the person responsible for booking for help.

Before your order is entered into the booking system, you or the person responsible for booking may contact customer service at Unibuss Tour by mail: tur@unibuss.no or by telephone (22 08 43 48) to get a price offer.

If you have been in contact with Unibuss Tur AS and received an offer, it is very important to refer to the offer’s number (5 digits) when you place your order electronically.

The order / price request must contain:

  • Mobile number of the contact person on the trip.
  • Number of passengers.
  • Information on whether it is a single trip or a round-trip.
  • Information about how long the bus may have to wait before returning.
  • Date and time of departure / return.
  • Pickup location upon departure and potentially upon return. At campus Pilestredet, the pickup location is Dalsbergstien. At campus Kjeller the pickup location is Kunnskapsveien 55.

Cancellation deadline

The coach must be cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to departure.




Before entering your order into the booking system, contact customer service at Unibuss Tour by mail:

Unibuss Tur AS

Phone :
22 08 43 48
E-mail :