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What is a CIL activity?

What is a CIL activity?

A variety of activities can be approved as a CIL activity. These may be integrated parts of the student's study programme or activities arranged centrally.

Examples of integrated parts of study programmes:

  • Courses
  • Fixed guest lectures
  • Workshops
  • Student participation at conferences / seminars
  • Conferences at home and abroad
  • Student exchanges
  • Shorter stays abroad etc.

Examples of activities arraged centrally:

  • Buddy schemes for international students
  • Language cafes etc.

In addition, the student may suggest activities such as refugee work, conferences / seminars or summer schools abroad.

An activity can consist of several sub-activities. For example, the student must attend 3 guest lectures for it to count as 1 activity.

Feel free to get inspiration from study programmes that already have CIL.