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Health, Safety and Environment / Safety / Chemical substances and biological material

Chemical database

The chemical database is a collection of safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals used in the organisation. The database should also include information sheets for other harmful substances and hazardous biological material.

The chemical database must always be updated. Procedures must be established to ensure that everything that should be registered is registered and that the latest issue of the safety data sheet and/ or information sheet is available in paper version.

The university college uses the electronic chemical database ECOonline.               

Requirements for the operation of the chemical database

The line manager must ensure that

  • A chemical database contact(s) is appointed for the operation of the database in the unit
  • students and employees who are users of the chemical database are given the necessary training
  • sufficient time and resources are set aside for the work on updating the chemical database
  • a risk assessment is carried out for all the substances in ECOonline
  • notification of new chemical database contact is sent to the unit for HSE.

The chemical database contact must

  • administer the chemical database locally in cooperation with the line manager
  • provide user training locally
  • guide, inform and assist in the use of the chemical database, and in the risk and substitution assessments of the chemical database
  • report to the line manager
  • The "Function description of the chemical database contact" provides details about this work.

Employees and students must

  • familiarise themselves with the chemical database, chemicals / biological factors and safety data sheets/ information sheets at their work place before starting the work
  • participate in necessary training

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