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Budgeting research projects

Budgeting research projects

A budget must be drawn up in accordance with the guidelines of OsloMet and the funding source. The budget must be approved by the head of unit and / or the faculty management.


Please note that your faculty / center may have internal budgeting procedures.

The finance employee at the faculty / unit will help you draw up and quality assure the budget. The project manager will make sure that the necessary information is available and that the finance employee receives this well ahead of the application deadline. The kind of information required depends on the funding source and the project's activities, but some important points are

  • duration of the project and date of completion
  • salary
  • fee and working time purchase
  • operation and equipment
  • indirect expenses

Total expenses model (“Totalkostnadsmodell” – TDI)

The TDI model (uhr.no) is a common national model that highlights all expenses in the sector's various projects and activities, including research projects with external funding. The TDI model was introduced in the sector in 2014 and will be used in applications sent to the Research Council.

EU-funded projects

Note that a number of elements related to the budget may be different for EU-funded projects. Contact the R&D Administration at your faculty / center in good time if you intend to apply.