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Brexit, the UK and Erasmus+

Brexit, the UK and Erasmus+

We have gathered up-to-date information on the consequences of Brexit in terms of cooperation with the UK.

The Erasmus+ programme for 2021-2027 will be without England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The EU and the UK agreed on a Brexit deal on 24 December 2020. The agreement does not include Erasmus+ participation. However, there are still some opportunities within the Erasmus+ programme. 

  • Mobility cooperation

    We may send students and staff to our UK partners within the current Erasmus+ programme until the end of May 2022. For some of our partners we can also send students and staff until the end of May 2023. After the spring 2023, we will not be able to send students and staff to our partners in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland through the Erasmus+ programme. 

    OsloMet's outgoing students who want to go to an exchange partner in the UK will be able to receive an Erasmus+ mobility grant until June 2023, provided that the Erasmus+-agreement has been extended. The same applies to OsloMet employees who want to apply for a staff mobility grant. 

  • Project cooperation

    British institutions cannot be included as programme countries in project applications with deadline in 2021 and the years to come. 

    However, projects with a UK partner that were approved in 2020 or earlier, can go on with the cooperation as planned throughout the initially approved project period. 

  • Cooperation outside Erasmus+

    OsloMet is looking at opportunities to establish favourable bilateral agreements with the UK.  

    The Turing scheme 

    The UK has established its own mobility programme ( for cooperation with the EU and the rest of the world. The mobility programme is available for UK students only, to enable them to go on exchange to the rest of the world. 


    Wales has prepared a separate programme ( applicable for the period 2022-2026 that will include both students and staff. 30% of the scholarships may be used for incoming students and staff to Wales.

  • Visa


    If you are not a Norwegian citizen, you are responsible for finding out whether or not you will need a visa. 


    Please find out which visa rules that are applicable for students