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Avoid predatory journals

Many have received direct inquiries from publishers offering to publish their articles. Unfortunately, there are a number of so-called predatory publishers, who are financed by charging the authors publication fees (APC) only to publish their articles in insignificant journals. Here is the recipe for how to avoid this.

Good advice for discovering predatory journals:

Common warning signals:

  • The language on the website is poor and characterised by misspellings and clearly translated sentences. The website does not look professional.
  • It is difficult to find contact information such as the address or the country of publication.
  • Inadequate information about the journal’s editorial staff or names that you are not familiar with. Occasionally renown researchers' names are used against their will. In this case check the website of these researchers to see whether they state to be a member of the journal's editorial staff.
  • The business model is based on publication fees (APC), but it is difficult to understand which prices apply.
  • The professional evaluation process is unclear or poorly described. A hasty publication following submission may mean that the peer review is not performed.

If in doubt, contact your university-/contact librarian.