Arbeid med ny strategi - Ansatt

Developing a new strategy

Developing a new strategy

In the autumn of 2022, OsloMet's Rector started the work on developing a new strategy for OsloMet. The new strategy applies from 2024. The project involves students, staff and external partners.

On December 15th 2023, the University Board adopted OsloMet's new strategy from 2024. The strategy is intended to provide direction for the university up to 2050 (

The new strategy has been developed and anchored through several rounds of input and dialogue with our own organization and society.

Part of the implementation of OsloMet's new strategy will take place through the development of sub-strategies for education, research, and contributions to societal improvements. In the work on the new strategy, input has been collected in the various phases of the process that ran from 2022 to 2023. These inputs help to lay the foundation for the start of the sub-strategy work.

More information about the process is available in Norwegian. Click the "NO" button in the header to go to the Norwegian version.