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Appointing board - meetings and composition Appointing board - meetings and composition

Information regarding meetings and composition for the appointing body
  • Appointments committee for professors, researcher 1 and docents

    Here you will find information about the appointments committee as well as meeting dates and contact details.

    Composition of the appointments committee: 

    • Rector (or the person authorised by the Rector)
    • A trade union representative (appointed by the trade unions)
    • HR director (or the person authorised)
    • Dean/centre manager at the relevant faculty/centre (or the person authorised)
    • A student representative, with a substitute, appointed by the Student Parliament

    Trade union representative  for the  period of 01.08.20 – 31.07.21:

    • Amy Østertun Geirdal, permanent representative

    Student representative:

    • HaiWei Shen (appointed by the Student Parliament)
    • Corina Blondina Emerietta Matheuwezen (substitute)

    Deadline/dates for meetings autumn 2021

    Deadline for registration in P360 (case draft with attachments) 
    friday , 15.00 pm

    Meeting date 
    Wednesday kl.12.00
    08,january 18.january
    05.february 15.february
    05.march 15.march
    02.april 12.april
    30.april 10.mai
    04.june 14.june

  • Appointments board and appointments committee in the Central Administration

    Here you will find information about meetings and registration for the appointments board -and committee in the central administration.

    Meeting dates and deadlines spring 2021

    Deadline registration by mail

    Friday at 12.00 am

    Deadline documents in P360

    Friday at 15.00 pm

    Deadline electronic review

    Thursday at 12.00 am

    Meeting date if neeed


    15.januar 15.januar 21.januar 22.januar  
    29.januar 29.januar 04.februar 05.februar  
    12.februar 12.februar 18.februar 19.februar  
    26.februar 26.februar 04.mars 05.mars  
    12.mars 12.mars 18.mars 19.mars *
    09.april 09.april 15.april 16.april *
    23.april 23.april 29.april 30.april *
    07.mai 07.mai 13.mai 14.mai  
    21.mai 21.mai 27.mai 28.mai  
    04.juni 04.juni 10.juni 11.juni  
    18.juni 18.juni 24.juni 25.juni  
    02.juli 02.juli 08.juli 09.juli

    REMEMBER! You must notify about all cases, no later than 12.00am on the Friday one week prior to the meeting date. All documents must be made available to the case officer in the HR Department no later than 3.00pm on the same day. The subject of the email must indicate whether the case should go to the technical and administrative council (TA) or to the teaching and research committee (UF), as well as which meeting date the case is registered for.*Announcements must be written in Nynorsk. Other documents for the appointments board -and committee may be written in either Bokmål or Nynorsk.


    It may happen that both meetings are managed by the same case officer, or that another case officer at the HR Department assumes control of the meeting, but as long as the above mentioned registration of cases takes place, these will be in good hands.

  • Trade union representative in the appointments board -and committees


    • Fast: Amy Østertun Geirdal
    • Vara: 

    Faculty of Health Sciences (HV) 

    Faculty of Education and International Studies (LUI) 

    Faculty of Social Sciences (SAM) 

    Fakultet for technology, art  and design (TKD) 

    Central administration (FA)

    • Committiee (UF)
      • Fast: Kari Mari Jonsmoen
      • Vara:  
      • Fast: Anne Leseth
      • Vara: Tore Kr. Schjølberg
      • Studentrepresentanter: 
        • Corina Blondina Emerietta Matheuwezen
        • HaiWei Shen (vara)
    • Council (TA)
      • Fast: Amir Haghighifard
      • Vara: Ingvild Nordang og Trine Beate Elvebakken
      • Fast: Bjørn Ervik
      • Vara:  Tom Syvertsen