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Award criteria for Erasmus+ mobility grants

Award criteria for Erasmus+ mobility grants

The criteria are implemented in the application form and procedures to ensure strategic entrenchment and in the use of the Erasmus+ mobility grants at OsloMet.

The main priorities in the Erasmus+ programme are: 

  • Inclusion and diversity 

  • Sustainability and green profile 

  • Digitalisation 

The mobility grants aim to enhance competence supporting these priorities. The grants aim to increase the quality in education, and enhance international cooperation at OsloMet. The grants will be awarded to competence building activities that support the applicant’s current or future work tasks at OsloMet. 

If you have received an Erasmus+ Mobility Grant earlier and you have completed this stay, you must have submitted all necessary documentation in order to be able to apply again. 

In addition, the following applications will be prioritised in case of limited funding:

  • Applications from PhD Candidates

  • Applications from staff members who plan to increase their digital competences by:

    • learning more about the use of digital tools in teaching and learning.

    • learning more about digital systems and tool.

    • learning more about blended mobility.

    • learn more about sustainability and green transformation.

  • The criteria shall, through the application form and procedures, ensure the strategic anchoring and strategic use of Erasmus+ employee grants at OsloMet. The criteria are prepared according to criteria in the Erasmus+ programme, National Strategy for Use of the Erasmus+ programme, Strategy 2024 ( with underlying strategies, and Erasmus Policy Statement (