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Health, Safety and Environment / System description for HSE / HSE Guide

Administration of the systematic HSE work at HiOA

Overall systematic HSE work and internal control HSE

HSE Manager

The HSE manager has been delegated the system responsibility for the college's HSE work from the rector. The HSE manager is head of the Unit for HSE and the main contact for the supervisory authorities in the HSE area.

Unit for HSE

The unit for HSE must

  • prepare and maintain the college's HSE handbook with overall system description including overall guidelines
  • carry out annual HSE audits (internal control HSE)

In addition, the Unit for HSE is responsible for the development and operation of

  • HSE theme pages online
  • HSE discrepancy system
  • Chemical database and exposure register
  • Laboratory and workshop handbook

The unit for HSE must also

  • be the main contact for the security service, have a secretarial function in WEC and attend as an observer in the learning environment committee
  • prepare reports and be the case officer for the rector in the HSE area
  • follow up monitoring in the HSE area