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Health, Safety and Environment / Health and environment

Adaption for pregnant women

The employer is obliged to risk assess the working environment and adapt the work and the workplace according to the individual’s needs and prerequisites.

The work situation

Contact your immediate manager as early as possible in your pregnancy and ask for an assessment of the work situation.

Simple ergonomic adaptation of the workplace may be appropriate in case of normal pregnancy pains (back / pelvic / leg pains etc.). Variation in the working position can also be beneficial if you suffer from pains. The Occupation Health Service can assist.

Pregnant women working with chemicals or with demanding work situations

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, it is important to pay attention to the possibile effects your work situation could cause for your health. Some chemicals and work situations can be harmful to the reproductive capacity or to the fetus. Your concerns will be emphasized and taken into account.

All use of chemicals should be evaluated with regard to pregnant women.

This also applies to pregnant students in laboratories and workshops.

The manager's tasks

The line manager must ensure that a continuous mapping and risk assessment of the working environment is undertaken and implement necessary risk mitigation measures. As a manager you are responsible for ensuring that pregnant workers are protected against discomfort and injury as a result of the work situation and the working environment. This means that you must make sure that the work and the workplace are adapted according to the individual's needs.

The Occupational health service can assist in clarifying the specific conditions in the working environment that may be of importance.

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