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Absence due to illness

Absence due to illness

If you are ill and unable to get to work, you should notify your manager the same day or as soon as possible. If possible, give information about expected length of absence.
  • Self-certification of absence

    Self-certification of absence must be sent in the DFØ app or the SAP portal on your first day back at work.

    Personal illness

    • During one self-certification period, you can use self-certification for up to eight days of absence (including weekends)
    • No more than 24 self-certification days within a 12 month period
    • Self-certification of absence prior to a doctor’s certificate is considered as used self-certification days.
    • If you get ill while on holiday, you cannot use self-certification

  • Children's or babysitter’s illness

    • If you are the carer of children under 12 years old, you can stay home for up to three days at a time when the child is ill (calculated in working days, weekends not included).
      • For one child you can get up to 10 days during a calendar year. If you are the sole custodian of the child, this right is extended to 20 days.
      • Do you care for three or more children, the limit is 15 days. If you are the only custodian, the limit is 30 days.

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  • Doctor's certificate

    OsloMet uses digital medical certificates.

    When you are put on sick leave, you will receive a text message or an e-mail notifying you that there is a message for you on the website of NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration). It is important to remember the following: 

    • Log on using an electronic ID (such as BankID) to confirm your medical certificate as soon as possible.

    • Once you have confirmed the medical certificate, it will automatically be sent in digital format to the HR department and your superior at OsloMet. You do not have to submit the certificate on paper. 

    • You also have to submit the application for sick pay to OsloMet, even if you are only absent for a few days.

    • Remember to provide all information requested by NAV.

    Some medical certificates will still be issued on paper, in which case you have to submit the certificate to your superior as soon as possible. This applies to medical certificates issued for:

    • hospitals 

    • physiotherapists

    • manual therapists 

    • dentists

    • treatment days and travel allowance

    Submit the following to your superior:

    • Part C of the medical certificate (front and back)

    • Part D of the medical certificate

    • The completed self-declaration

    • Signed part D

  • Follow-up

    When an employee is ill, the employer has a duty to follow up, and the employee has a duty to participate.

    Read more about follow-up of sick leave in the Personnel Handbook (

  • Self-reporting for hourly paid

    If you fall ill, you can take up to eight days of self-certificated absence per self-certification period. Weekends and holidays are included in this period. The following also applies:

    • A maximum of 24 days of self-certificated absence is permitted within a twelve-month period.

    • Self-certificated absence immediately before a period of sick leave with a medical certificate is included in the employer's period (16 calendar days).

    • Self-certificates cannot be used to document illness during holidays.

    Staff who are paid by the hour can use self-certificates when they are absent due to sickness on days/hours when they were supposed to work if they have been employed for at least two months and their working hours have been agreed in advance.

    In order to retain the right to self-certified sickness absence, staff paid by the hour must work at least every 14 days. If more than 14 days pass between each time you work when you are paid by the hour, your absence must be documented by a medical certificate.

    Read more about self-reporting for employees who are hourly paid in the Personnel Handbook (

Contact HR Shared Services about leave of absence + SVA

Contact HR Shared Services about absence due to illness

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Centre for Welfare and Labour Research (SVA)

Employees at SVA are asked to contact HR at their Institute for questions about working hours and vacation.