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Work, holiday and leave

Absence due to illness

If you are ill and unable to get to work, you should notify your manager the same day or as soon as possible. If possible, give information about expected length of absence.

Self-certification of absence

Self-certification of absence must be sent in the DFØ app or the SAP portal on your first day back at work.

Personal illness

  • During one self-certification period, you can use self-certification for up to eight days of absence (including weekends)
  • No more than 24 self-certification days within a 12 month period
  • Self-certification of absence prior to a doctor’s certificate is considered as used self-certification days.
  • If you get ill while on holiday, you cannot use self-certification

Children's or babysitter’s illness

  • If you are the carer of children under 12 years old, you can stay home for up to three days at a time when the child is ill  (calculated in working days, weekends not included).
    • For one child you can get up to 10 days during a calendar year. If you are the sole custodian of the child, this right is extended to 20 days.
    • Do you care for three or more children, the limit is 15 days. If you are the only custodian, the limit is 30 days.

Doctor's certificate

  • The doctor's certificate must be submitted to your manager as soon as possible.
  • Both part C (front and back) and Part D of the certificate must be delivered – make sure to fill out the personal statement and sign on part D.

Ta i bruk DFØ-appen

  • I DFØ-appen kan du blant annet:
  • - stemple inn og ut
  • - registrere overtid
  • - sende fraværssøknad 
  • - registrere og levere reiseregning
  • - søke refusjon av utgifter
Hvordan bruke DFØ-appen?


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.