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Course: Teaching in Norwegian

Would you like to be able to teach and supervise in Norwegian? 'Teaching in Norwegian' is a practical language course designed for international recruited members of the academic staff at Oslo Metropolitan University.


This eight-session workshop provides participants with an opportunity to improve their Norwegian skills and develop confidence in lecturing and supervising students in Norwegian.  

Date and time 

Date and time: Tuesdays from January till March 2019, 2 pm – 4 pm

Session 1: January 29th 
Session 2: February 5th 
Session 3: February 12th  
Session 4: February 26th  
Session 5: March 5th, room: R 614 in P48  
Session 6: March 12th, room: PA 659 in P46  
Session 7: March 19th, room: PA 659 in P46  
Session 8: March 26th, room: R 614 in P48  


Target group 

  • Academic staff and Ph.D. candidates  

  • No more than 10 participants


Learning outcome 

  • Confidence in lecturing and supervising in Norwegian 

  • Improve ability to communicate subject and research clearly and effectively in Norwegian 

  • Improve ability to lecture and supervise students in a Norwegian context



The course is tailored to meet the needs of the group. General topics covered are: 

  • Learning Culture in Norwegian Higher Education and the preparedness of the students 

  • Interacting with the students 

  • Vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation 

  • Spontaneous speech 


Teaching methods and organisation 

Workshop format, group discussions, practical exercises and short language lectures 

The workshop is Norwegian speaking throughout, and takes place Tuesdays 02.00 - 04.00 pm from January 29th till Mars 26th at PA 659 in P46.

Session 1: January 29th 

Learning Culture in Norwegian Higher Education, preparedness of the students and pedagogical approaches - discussion and experience sharing.  

Focus on what makes an effective lecture/supervision and personal challenges.

Session 2 and 3: February 5th & February 12th   

Participants deliver a short presentation of their pedagogical task, including the goals and plan for the lecture/supervision, followed by a plenary discussion and constructive feedback from the rest of the group and the workshop facilitator. 

Focus on essential everyday vocabulary and disciplinary specific vocabulary.

Session 4 and 5: February 26th & Mars 5th   

Participants deliver their presentations again, having implemented the feedback provided in the previous session, or deliver a short presentation of a new pedagogical task, including the goals and plan for the lecture/supervision.  

Focus on vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation.

Session 6 and 7:  Mars 12th & Mars 19th      

Exercises in supervising students in Norwegian.

Focus in interacting with students – spontaneous speech.

Session 8: Mars 26th   

Discussing in Norwegian – experiences from participating in “Teaching in Norwegian”. 

Practicing vocabulary, intonation and spontaneous speech. 


To get the most out of the workshop it is preferable if you are: 

  • reasonably fluent in written and oral Norwegian (B2 – level)  

  • familiar with the lecturing and supervising students in Higher Education 

  • able to bring short presentations or a lecture and/or supervision you have already planned 

  • able to attend all sessions 



You are expected to deliver a ten-minute presentation, for example an excerpt from a lecture that has or will be given. Please bring a copy of your visual aids (PowerPoint, Prezi and the like) and any other additional material, for example a handout, to the first session. You will use, edit and improve this presentation throughout the course, or if you find it more advantageous, deliver another presentation at session 4/5.



  • Free for researchers and staff at Oslo Metropolitan University.

  • NOK 3850 for participants not affiliated with the university.  


Course facilitators 

Unit for Academic Language and Practice/ Professor Kari Mari Jonsmoen, Professor Marit Greek.