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Our OsloMet

Our OsloMet

Health, Safety and Environment / Safety

When an incident occurs

Emergencies may arise regardless of how much time and effort is spent on preventive security measures. HiOA will assist you in many cases, but in emergency situations the emergency services must be contacted.

Emergency assistance 

FIRE 110

  • State your name and telephone number
  • Tell what has happened and state your location (street address, building, floor and if necessary, room number)
  • Follow the instructions given by the emergency services and make sure someone meets them at the agreed meeting point.
  • Once the emergency services have been notified, call HiOA’s security guards on 40 91 10 00 to inform them about the situation so that they can help the emergency services get to the right location.
  • If there is an open service center in the building, they should be informed
  • Stay calm
  • Give first aid if needed


Run away if you are not in the absolute vicinity. Do not go to the meeting point. If you are close to the shooting and consider it dangerous to run away, hide, lock any doors, put your phone on silent and stay calm.

Notify the police on 112 – even if you cannot speak, so that emergency services can listen and track.

If you have no other choice, try to overpower the shooter when he/she comes to you – it is a question of life or death! 


When the alarm sounds

  • close all windows and doors in your area.
  • leave the building through the nearest emergency.

If you discover a fire, you must:

  • alert, set off the fire alarm or call 110
  • rescue people who need help
  • extinguish the fire if you are able to
  • evacuate, go out


If you receive threats about use of force or violence against people, take note of the contents of the threat and contact the police on 02800. If you need emergency assistance, call 112. Then call 40911000 to notify the security guards and the emergency management of the incident.

Threatening situations

Keep calm without provoking. If the situation escalates, withdraw from the situation. If you need assistance from a security guard, call 40 911 000. If you need help from the police, call 112. Inform about the incident afterwards. 

Criminal offences 

Hvis du er vitne til en hendelse med mistenkt gjerningsperson, merk deg utseende og hvor den/de drar. Overlat en eventuell pågripelse til politiet. HiOA anmelder alle tyverier og skadeverk på HiOAs materiell. Hvis du personlig er blitt utsatt for en straffbar handling, må du anmelde dette selv. Dette gjelder selv om det har skjedd på HiOAs område. Informér om forholdet til 


…of all kinds of incidents that are not acute emergencies. Inform about undesirable incidents and deviations and about emergency situations after they have been dealt with. E-mails are only processed during office hours. NB! Do not send sensitive information in an e-mail. Ask for a meeting instead. 

Emergency assistance abroad

  • call the local emergency number
  • It is also important that you contact your insurance company as soon as possible.
  • The Norwegian Church Abroad’s emergency phone number is +47 95 11 91 81. The Church has agreed to assist HiOA students and staff in emergencies abroad. 

Akutt hjelp

Brann: 110 - Politi: 112 - Ambulanse: 113

Hjelp ved OsloMet - vekter

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Kontakt vekter ved akutt hendelse/beredskap

Hjelp i utlandet

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Ring lokalt nødnummer. Kontakt forsikringsselskapet ditt. Last ned Sjømannskirkens nødapp før du drar.:
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Spørsmål eller melding om uønskede hendelser og avvik. NB! Ikke send sensitiv informasjon på e-post, det er ikke en sikret måte å kommunisere på. Skal du formidle sensitiv informasjon, ber du om et møte. Behandles kun i vanlig arbeidstid.