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Our OsloMet

New employees / OsloMet Start

Welcome day for new employees

All new employees at OsloMet are invited to the welcome day.
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    Welcome day for new employees September 6, 2018

OsloMet aims to create an inclusive and inspiring work environment that stimulates interaction, learning and development.

Twice a year, a one-day seminar is held for new employees; once during the spring term and once during the autumn term following the start of studies.

The seminar is meant to provide new employees with the opportunity to get to know OsloMet as an organisation and employer, as well as to help create shared attitudes and a common “OsloMet identity”. Throughout the course of the day you will get introduced to OsloMet's top executives, to the students and their everyday lives and to the university's values and plans. You will also meet other new employees and develop networks.

A number of organisations and companies participate with stands where those who wish to can get more information and exciting offers.

The full programme will be released one week ahead of the event.