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Tools and support

Tools and support

Connect your OsloMet Windows computer to VPN

This is how you connect your OsloMet Windows computer to VPN to access your home disk and other services while not on OsloMet campuses.
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    If you connect your computer to VPN you will get the same system accesses as if you were physicalle present at OsloMet.

Installing eduVPN


  • This applies only to Windows based computers owned by OsloMet.
  • Old Edge versions might not work. If you experience problems approving the application, try to change your standard browser to Chrome.

Installing from Software Center

You can watch the video guide to installing VPN or follow the guide below:

  1. Open Software Center from the start menu. You can find the start menu on the bottom left on your computer. If you don't see the Software Center app, use the search field and press enter.
  2. Find and select eduVPN. If you can't see it, use the search field.
  3. Click install and wait for installation to complete.
  4. Open eduVPN. A restart may be necessary. If you cannot find eduVPN in your start menu, please restart.
  5. Select "Add another address" and enter address: Click "Connect".
    Screenshot from eduVPn showing the "add other address" button under two bigger blue buttons.
  6. The first time you log in you have to sign in. Use your OsloMet password and username. NB! Only your username, you do not need to write "".
  7. The application is trying to establish a VPN connection. Click "Approve Application".
    A screenshot showing the "approve application page with an "approve application" button on the bottom.
  8. If you are using Edge you may have problems approving the application. Change your standard browser to Chrome and try again.
  9. After you have "approved application": Click on OsloMetVPN to onnect. If the eduVPN icon in your taskbar is yellow, it is trying to connect. Green means it is connected and red means it is not connected.
    A screenshot showing the OsloMetVPN button you have to push to connect to eduVPN and where to find the eduVPN icon in the taskbar.

If you are experiencing issues with eduVPN, contact the IT help desk.

You can also watch the video guide to installing VPN.