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Tools and support

Tools and support

Setup of VPN for Android, iPad and iPhone

Setup of OpenVPN client for Android and iOS for iPad and iPhone. VPN for smartphones.

A VPN connection is used to access OsloMet's internal services and the like via a smartphone.


  • The device must have Internet connection or use Mobile data.


  1. Install the OpenVPN client for Android
  2. Install the OpenVPN client for iOS for iPad and iPhone

1. Install the OpenVPN client for Android

1. Download file

Download the file «vpn2.ovpn» on the Android smartphone from this URL:

Note! Remember the location for the file.

2. Install and open the app via Google Play

The file to the OpenVPN Connect app:

3. OpenVPN Connect

In the menu in OpenVPN Connect:

  • Select «Import».

Screenshot of the menu and how to import a file.

4. Import Profile

  • Select: «Import Profile from SD card».

Screenshot of importing the profile from SD card.

5. Find the OpenVPN file

  • Find the catalogue where you installed the file «vpn2.ovpn» in the file structure.
  • Find the file and click: «Select»

Screenshot of the button Select.

6. Username and password


  • Username/Password: OsloMet username and password.
    • For students: Ex. s123456
    • For employees: Ex. jarle

Click on «Connect» to complete the setup.

Screenshot of adding username and password and where to click the button Connect.

7. Connected to OpenVPN

When the connection is complete, the application icon and VPN icon (the key icon) is visible in the toolbar at the top of your smartphone.

If the unit loses the VPN connection, both icons will disappear.

Screenshot of the icon for VPN connection.

8. Disconnect OpenVPN

To end the VPN session in OpenVPN Connect: Click on «Disconnect»

Screenshot of how to disconnect VPN connection from Android smartphone.


2. Install the OpenVPN client for iOS for iPad and iPhone

1. Download the app OpenVPN

  1. Go to App Store.
  2. Download the app "OpenVPN":

Skjermbilde for Hjem på iPad - for å vise appen App Store.

1.2 Open the app "OpenVPN" in App Store
  • Click: Open
  • Click: Install - to install the app.

Skjermbilde for appen OpenVPN i App Store - klikk Hent for å installere.

1.3 OpenVPN is installed

OpenVPN Connect is now installed on the device.

  • OpenVPN has the following alternatives for VPN connection, see the screenshot below.

Skjermbilde for OpenVPN med følgende alternativer for VPN-tilkobling.

2. Install the VPN file

There are two options on how to install the file "vpn2.ovpn" for the VPN connection to OsloMet.

  1. You can download the file "vpn2.ovpn" via URL.
  2. You can also download the file "vpn2.ovpn" via your e-mail.
2.1 HiOA VPN via URL
  1. Open the app "OpenVPN" on the device.
  2. Go to the empty text area for URL: "Enter Access Server hostname".
  3. Fill in the address in the empty field:
  4. Click: Go

Skjermbilde for felt for URL/nettadresse i OpenVPN-appen.

2.1.1 Page for VPN file

Then the URL opens in the URL/web address you entered.

The file location is here:

  • Click on the link and download the file "vpn2.ovpn".

See example in the screenshot below.

Skjermbilde: Filplassering - klikk på linken på siden for OpenVPN

2.1.2 Open the file in the OpenVPN app

Then the page opens in a new window.

  • Click on: "Åpne i OpenVPN" / Open in OpenVPN - which is the app.
  • Go to step 3.

See the screenshot below.

Skjermbilde: Klikk på: "Åpne i OpenVPN"


2.2 OpenVPN via email
  1. Download the file "OpenVPN" on your device from URL:
  2. Send the file as an attachment via an e-mail to your own e-mail account.
  3. Open the file «vpn2.ovpn» in your email on your device.
  4. Open the file in the app "OpenVPN Connect". The OpenVPN client is an alternative to use.

See examples in the screenshot below.

Skjermbilde viser HiOA-VPN-filen «vpn2.ovpn» i e-postklienten din, for eksempel: Mail e.l.

3. Profile in OpenVPN

The file includes the profile for the certificate for a secure VPN connection to OsloMet internal services.

  • To open the profile, click on the green plus button.

See example in the screenshot below.

Skjermbildet viser filen som er profilen for sertifikatet som er lagt til i OpenVPN.

4. Username and password

Add the following:

User ID: OsloMet username

For students: Ex. s123456

For employees: Ex. britth

Password: OsloMet password

Activate the Save button: Select: ON

Status Disconnected.

Then activate the button: Connection (Select ON)

Skjermbildet viser innlogging til OpenVPN Connect for å koble til tjenesten.

5. Connect to HiOA-VPN

The message box "OpenVPN - Allow OpenVPN to enable VPN connection" occurs.

  • Select: Yes

Skjermbildet viser meldingsboksen for å tillate VPN-tilkobling.

6. Connected to HiOA-VPN

The device is now connected HiOA-VPN.

You can now use OsloMet internal services that requires VPN connection.

6.1 Disconnect

Remember to disconnect the VPN connection after the session.

  • Slide the Connection-button (activated area) to the left to disconnect.

Skjermbildet viser kobling til VPN-tjenesten nå er fullført på iPad.