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Tools and support

Tools and support

VPN for Mac

Setting up edyVPN for Mac computers operated by OsloMet (work computers)

Do you have an OsloMet Mac?

  • The VPN client Viscosity has been replaced by eduVPN. Follow the guide to use eduVPN on a Mac operated by OsloMet (work computer).

Installing eduVPN for macOS

This guide is only for Apple Macs that are operated by OsloMet.

Installing from Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

  1. Click the symbol for Intelligent Hub in the task bar on your Mac (the bar on top). Click "Account".
    Skjermbilde som viser at man finner symbolet for Intelligent hub i verktøylinjen øverst på din Mac.
  2. Click the icon that looks like a flower in the menu to the left (Categories). Click on "All apps". Find the eduVPN client and intstall.
    Skjermbilde av hvordan Workspace Intelligent Hub ser ut.
  3. Open eduVPN.
  4. To set up: Click "Use Custom URL" and type in
  5. In the Connect to VPN-menu, click on "ansatt-vpn" and "Connect".
    Skjermbilde av Connect to VPN-meny.
  6. Log in with your OsloMet username and password.
  7. Under "Approve application", click "Approve application".
    Skjermbilde av "Approve application"-side.
  8. You are now connected to eduVPN. Look for the eduVPN in your top taskbar. Red means you are disconnected, green means you are connected and yellow means you are trying to connect.

See the video guide to how you can install eduVPN on a Mac.