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Tools and support

Tools and support

VPN for macOS

Setup of VPN client Viscosity for macOS.


  • The computer must have access to Internet.
  • You must have administrator access on your computer.

Please note! Follow the instructions as described otherwise the program will not be licensed and the settings for connecting to OsloMet will not be added.

Do you have an OsloMet Mac?

  • The Viscosity client is pre-installed an all Mac computers hosted by OsloMet.
  • Follow the instructions for how to start and how to log off the Viscosity client.


  1. Install the VPN client Viscosity for macOS
  2. Connect to file server
  3. Disconnect VPN

1. Install the VPN client Viscosity for macOS

Note! Mac's hosted by OsloMet will be automatic updated with the latest version of Viscosity via connecting eduroam or the cable network at campus.

1.1 Download and install Viscosity

For a private Mac:

  1. Download the latest version of Viscosity for macOS (
  2. Select the tab: "Mac-programmer" - and locate the file for Viscosity.
  3. Click on: Download (Last ned).

Skjermbilde: Last ned programvare for hjemmebruk - finn Viscosity.

1.2 Install Viscosity

Step 1. Unzip the file by clicking on it.

Skjermbilde: Last ned og pakk ut filen for Viscosity

Step 2. Follow the instructions.
  • Press: Continue.

Skjermbilde: Følg instruksjon for installering

Step 3. Click on: Install.

Skjermbilde: Klikk på Install

Step 4:  Administrator access to your Mac

You need to login to your Mac with the administrator username and password.

  1. Enter your administrator username and password.
  2. Click on: Install Software.


Skjermbilde: Fyll in administrator-brukernavn og passord på din datamaskin.

Step 5. Viscosity is now installed.
  • Press: Close.

Skjermbilde: Installasjon er vellykket. Trykk på Close.

Step 6. End the installation.
  • Click on: Move to Trash (to move the installation package to trash).

Skjermbilde: Klikk på Move to Trash.

1.3 Open Viscosity

  1. Search for Viscosity in Spotlight.
  2. Click on the Viscosity icon to open - it in the tool bar.

Skjermbilde: Søk etter Viscosity i Spotlight slik at ikonet kommer opp i verktøylinjen øverst.

1.4 Connect to "HiOA-VPN"

The app is now visible.

The Viscosity icon (circle with a Key Lock) is located in the toolbar up-right.

See an example of the Viscosity icon below.

Skjermbilde: Viscosity-ikonet i verktøylinjen er nå synlig.

  1. To connect VPN, click: "Connect HiOA-VPN"

Skjermbilde: Klikk på Connect HiOA-VPN


1.5 Username and password

1. Username: Your OsloMet user name


  • For students: s123456
  • For staff: (OsloMet user name)

2. Password: Your OsloMet password

3. Click: OK

4. Tick off: Remember details in my Keychain. The password will be stored in Keychain. The computer remembers your password at login.

5. The computer is now connected to "HiOA-VPN".

Skjermbilde: Legg inn ditt HIOA-brukernavn og passord.

Your computer is now connected to "HiOA-VPN". Continue in the guide below to get for access to your files.

2. Connect to file server

Connect to home directory / shared file server for Mac (NOTE: Only for employees).

3. Disconnect VPN

  1. Click on the icon for Viscosity up-right in the toolbar. The menu appears below.
  2. Select: Disconnect HiOA-VPN

Skjermbilde: Koble fra, klikk på Disconnect HiOA-VPN