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User manual for adding details to the Schedule- TP

User manual for adding details to the schedule-TP



Adding time Schedule information in TP 

You can add information about each individual lecture/activity in the course schedule in.  

Please note that TP is a Norwegian system, and only some of the pages can be viewed in English. To access English language, log in to TP, click “Language” from the menu in the top right corner and select English  

To access the function and detail interface, log in to TP, select “Course schedule” and type the course code for the course  you want to add time schedule information to 

Once you have the calendar week view of your course, you can add information in one of two ways. They are similar in function, but the interfaces look a bit different.  

 1.Use  «Details» from  the top menu 

Click «Details» from the menu in the top right corner: 

You will be directed to a new page where you choose your desired teaching activity, for example class, group or type of activity. 

You will then be directed to the detail interface. Here you can make changes to the following boxes:  

  1. Gjør om til digital undervisning/Change to digital teaching: here you can change from physical rooms to digital teaching. Click the grey button and select the appropriate type of digital teaching from the drop-down menu. Click Lagre (blue button).
  2. Fagperson/teacher: Teachers previously added by the time schedule planner at your faculty are shown here.  If you want to remove a teacher, tick next to the name and click Lagre (blue box). All employees in the OsloMet staff base can be found here. If you want to add a teacher, start typing the name of the teacher (first name/surname). As you type, suggestions of names will appear in a drop-down menu. When you have found the name, click on it. Then click Lagre (blue button). If the choosen teacher is already occupied with another course at the same time/place/date, you will receive an error message.
  3. Tittel/Title: This is the title of the teaching activity. If you want to change it, remove the content and enter a new title. Click Lagre (blue button).
  4. Pensum-ressurser/Curriculum-resources: Here you can enter additional information about the lecture, for example “Remember to bring your own pc” etc. (free text - maximum 4000 characters). Click Lagre (blue button).
  5. Ekstern fagperson/External teacher-lecturer: Here you can add external lecturers/teachers who are not in the OsloMet staff base. Click on the + sign, type the name of the person (add web address if desired) and click Lagre (blue button). You can add multiple teachers, but can only add one at a time. 


2.Using the «Edit»-button 

Enter the course code from the “Course schedule” box the same way as explained above under 1). Once you are shown the calendar week view, hold the mouse pointer over your choosen activity (lecture/time/date). Click on the blue “Edit”-box that appears on the right side of the screen. 

When clicking, you will be directed to the following page: 

Update multiple groups

If your class is divided in sub-classes, and/or sub-groups, or specific types of activities, and you want to add the same information to all of them, it is possible to copy details from one class/group activity to others. 

Example: your subject class is divided in two – class A and class B. You want to add the same detail information for class B as for class A. First, find the course code. Then choose class A: 

Enter the desired details and remember to save. Tick the box next to “Oppdater alle partiene” in the yellow frame and click Lagre (blue button).  


Schedule information given to class A have now been added to class B. 

Note: technically in TP, a class B activity needs to have the same so-called activity ID as a class A activity (or vice versa), otherwise the copy between-function will not be displayed. If not, contact your faculty time schedule planner. 


Copy information from a previous semester 

In the schedule information interface, it is possible to copy information from a previous semester.  

Choose subject and subject code, and click «Details» from the menu in the top right corner as described above in 1) Use “Details” from menu”. Click the button «Kopier fra tidligere semester». A pop-up menu will be displayed. 


  1. Choose the  semester you want to copy from. You can copy from any of the available in the list.
  2. Choose activity, class or group. 
  1. «Kopier alt» (copy all): all information will be overwritten. “Kopier bare til tomme forekomster» (only copy to empty boxes): Boxes already displaying information from previous semesters will not be overwritten, only empty ones. For example: if the title box has previous information stored but not the curriculum-resources box, this function will only copy info to the curriculum-resources box. 

Note that copied information will be copied as soon as you click the Kopier-button (blue button). Also note that only the following boxes can be copied: Title, Curriculum-resources and External teacher.  

 You can copy from any semester, not just the previous. You can for instance copy between different activities in the same semester. 

Cancel Lecture

You can cancel a lecture/timetable activity a week before it is scheduled. One week before the lecture/activity is scheduled to take place, a cancel-button (Norwegian: “Avlys”) will appear in the detail interface. Tick the box and click Lagre (blue button).  

The lecture will then be displayed in the course timetable in TP as «AVLYST», as well as in the Resources box in the students  timetable on the OsloMet public time schedule website: 

Please note that cancelling a lecture will not cancel any room(s) booked for the  lecture/activity in question. If you cancel a lecture and you want the room to be available to others, or you want to rebook the lecture to a different time/date/room, please contact the time schedule planner at your faculty.  

Limitations to the detail interface in TP 

For the following changes, you need to contact the time schedule planner at your faculty: 

  • booking and rebooking physical rooms 
  • changing lecture/activity times/dates  
  • cancelling lectures that are scheduled more than 7 days away


  • Digital teaching:We reccomend that you present the link for the digital room  to the students in Canvas and add at note in the schedule . For example: The link to the digital teaching room can be found in Canvas.   Dette for å unngå at uvedkomne får tilgang til undervisningsrommet.
  • Distribution of students on physical education autumn 2020. In the autumn semester 2020, the students will in many cases be divided so that some will have physical education and some have digital education at the same time , or that some student groups, for example, will meet physically every other time. We then recommend that you present the student distribution list in Canvas and add a short note in TP: For example "For an overview of who should meet physically and who should have digital education , see Canvas"

How is time schedule information displayed for the students in their timetable?

Example TP

In the student`s personal timetable online, this will be displayed as follows: 


 that some will have physical education and some have digital education at the same time / or that some student groups, for example, will meet physically every other time. We then recommend putting the student overview in Canvas and entering a short text in TP: For example "For an overview of who should meet physically and who should have digital,