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Research results

Value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship

Oslo and Akershus will experience a rapid population growth and face large demands for skilled labour in the years to come. HiOA should contribute to value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship in the public and private sector.

HiOA aims to solve key questions concerning education, health, technology and environment, and to pursue opportunities for the development of entrepreneurship and liberal professions within the cultural life.

Public R&D cooperation work and interaction HiOA is a member of

The University College’s role

HiOA will contribute to value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship in the public and private sectors by:

  • Contributing to research-based innovation and technology transfer to the society in cooperation with development participants and with the regional working life in Oslo and Akershus
  • Increasing funding from the public funding agencies (virkemiddelapparatet)
  • Strengthening the students' skills in entrepreneurship and by contributing to the establishment of companies among students and HiOA graduates.

The innovation process includes:

  • Inventor and resource persons
  • IPR assessment securing ownership
  • Market and target group analysis
  • Business plan and financial considerations
  • Means and support
  • The commercialisation process

Applied innovation

The concept of innovation includes modified and applied innovation. Innovation can be defined as a new product, a new service, a new production process, a new application or a new form of organisation that is launched in the market or put into use.

A radical innovation drastically changes institutions, the use of resources and the way of thinking, while an incremental innovation describes improvements and minor changes. The changes may represent innovative solutions for some actors, without necessarily being relevant for others.

Aims for value creation

The Law on Universities and University Colleges states that educational institutions must actively contribute to innovation and value creation based on results from research and academic and artistic development (§1-3e).
White Paper 1 2007-2008 describes commercialisation of research results and inventions from universities and university colleges as a government goal.