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Faculty board elections at OsloMet

This page is not in use for the spring 2020 election. Go to for updated information.

On October 21-25 2019, the employee representatives of the new Faculty boards at OsloMet will be elected. In the following you will find information about the Faculty boards, and about the process and regulations concerning the election of representatives from teaching and research positions, and technical/administrative positions.

Mandate and rules of procedure for Faculty boards

The mandate for the Faculty boards has been decided by the rector by authorization from the University Board.

The rules of procedure for the Faculty boards deal with, among other things, rules for conducting meetings and confidentiality.

The mandate and rules of procedure will be published in English as soon as possible.

Term of office

The term of office of the faculty boards is normally 4 years, starting on August 1. In the spring of 2019, however, it was decided that the existing Faculty councils at OsloMet would be prolonged for half a year, until December 31 2019. The term of office of the Faculty boards elected in the fall of 2019 will therefore be January 1 2020-July 31 2023. Temporary staff in teaching and research positions are elected for the spring semester of 2020.

  • Permanent employees in teaching and research positions (UF) are elected for the period January 1 2020-July 31 2023
  • Temporary employees in UF positions are elected for the period January 1 2020-July 31 2020
  • Technical/administrative (TA) employees are elected for the period January 1 2020-July 31 2023

Nomination of candidates

The deadline for nominating employee candidates for office is October 4, 2019.

Student representatives and external representatives follow their own election procedures.

For the nomination to be valid, three different eligible voters must nominate the same person. Proposers are encouraged to contact the relevant candidate in advance of the nomination. You will find guidelines for how to propose and second a candidate in the nomination forms. Select your faculty below to find the forms.

The candidates are presented online during week 41. Find the candidates you can vote for on the faculty's own page.

Who can be proposed as a Faculty board member?

To be eligible for election to the university board, candidates must:

  • be employed in at least 50 per cent of a full-time position
  • be a permanent employee and have taken up the position at least four weeks before the election day, or have a temporary position with continuous employment since 25 April 2019 (six months)
  • not be on a leave of absence to work somewhere other than OsloMet/the Faculty
  • not previously have been a member of the board for 12 years or more
  • not fall under these position categories: Rector, dean, heads of the Centre for Welfare and Labour Research or the Centre for the Study of Professions, directors, heads of departments, or members of the Rector’s team

Can you decline an office?

If you are elected as a Faculty board member, you are obliged, with certain exceptions, to accept the office.

Process and schedule for conducting the election

The election is held in week 43, October 21-25 2019, and the election will be conducted digitally.

  • Deadline for nominating candidates: October 4, 2019
  • The electoral roll will be published for review four weeks before the election day, on September 23 2019
  • Complaints regarding the electoral roll must be filed within two weeks of its publication, on October 7 2019 at the latest
  • Presentation of the election results: November 1 2019

Presentation of the candidates

Potential candidates will be presented online. Presentation meetings where the candidates can answer questions from the staff will be held at the different faculties on the following times:

  • HV: Wednesday, October 16 at 12-14 in Pilestredet 32, room 010.023 (Small auditorium)
  • LUI: Time and place to be announced
  • SAM: Friday, October 11 2019 at 13, in Pilestredet 35, room PI546
  • TKD: Time and place to be announced

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