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Announcement of vacant positions

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OsloMet is a public institution and the main rule is that all vacant positions must be announced. On this website you will find information on what you need to consider when you are announcing a position.

Table of contents

Needs analysis

Before you start formulating the announcement, it is important that you carry out a thorough needs assessment for the position in question. This is done in terms of a job analysis. Below you will find some advice on what you should consider when carrying out the analysis:

Language requirements in connection with announcements

In the university’s Recruitment Policy for Academic Positions, you will find requirements for international announcements and language skills for employees.

These requirements also apply for positions that are only being announced in the Nordic countries. Experience shows that Swedish and Danish applicants also have less barriers to apply if the announcement is in English. You should also use several relevant recruitment channels that will provide you with a larger selection of applicants. 

OsloMet is a public institution and there it is important that we follow the advice of the Norwegian Language Council in connection with our announcements. 

Formal requirements, job description and salary grade

When you are formulating an announcement, it is important to take a look at our job descriptions for the different positions and which qualification requirements are set for the positions. The duties must be placed in the correct job category and be in accordance with the requirements when the position is published. 

The job categories have a set salary range that must be used when announcing positions at OsloMet. The salary range is prepared together with the unions at the university. 

Job descriptions for management positions

OsloMet has prepared specific job descriptions for certain positions at the management level.

Recruitment system

Varbi (Varbi.com) is OsloMet’s recruitment system. Your HR adviser may provide you with access to this system at the start of the recruitment process. The HR adviser may also assist you with training in the use of the tool in connection with the recruitment. 

If you are already registered, you may log on to Varbi by using your FEIDE login: Varbi.com

Recruitment channels

All vacant positions are published on our website, Finn.no and Nav.no. To ensure a larger selection of applicants, you should use several recruitment channels. The HR adviser may assist you with announcement in several channels. Social media is also an important and relevant channel to announce positions., e.g. Facebook and LinkedIN.

Overview of our recruitment channels

We also have agreements with several international recruitment channels. You will find an overview on the website for international recruitments