Handlingsplan for utdanning - Ansatt

Action plan for education

Action plan for education

The action plan for education shall contribute to systematic and targeted work with educational quality for the benefit of the students, the university, and the society at large.

On assignment from Nina Waaler, Marianne Brattland has led the work of preparing an action plan for education. This work began in the autumn of 2017 and was approved by rector and presented to the Board before the summer vacation of 2018.

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The action plan is prepared, discussed and anchored through five work meetings with the management group consisting of the following people:

  • Knut Patrick Hanevik, former dean at the Faculty of Education and International Studies
  • Gro Jamtvedt, the dean at the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Astrid Oust Janbu, former vice-dean for the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design
  • Per Arne Olsen, vice-dean for the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Oddgeir Osland, head of center at the Centre for the Study of Professions
  • Rune Keisuke, former head of the Student Parliament.
  • Karoline Wergeland Kaldråstøyl, former head of academic policy - Student Parliament.
  • Turid Brattås, project leader for the digitalisation strategy. 

The action plan prioritizes three areas of focus in the period of 2018-2021:

  • Interaction with potential employers
  • Research-based education
  • Integrated learning environment

Investing in these priority areas will support our overall strategy and contribute to OsloMet achieving its goals. Digitalisation, internationalisation and sustainability should be viewed as interdisciplinary processes.

The action plan requires accountability and follow-up on the part of the faculties. The action plan will be followed up both through quality reporting and though the pro-rector for education’s management dialogue.