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Updating password on Mac

When changing your password you must update the password for login to Keychain Access and on other network connections on your Mac to get access to services at OsloMet.
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    This guide is relevant _ after_ you have changed your OsloMet password

1. Update your keychain password

When you first log in with your new OsloMet password, your computer will detect that you have changed your password.

  • Read the text in the dialog box.
  • Click on: Update keychain password (see the screenshot below).

Skjermbilde: klikk på oppdater nøkkelringpassord

2. Enter your previous password

To change the password on your keychain, you must enter your previous OsloMet password.

  • Password: <enter your previous password>

Skjermbilde: Skriv inn ditt forrige/tidligere passord

3. Update your password

The password to unlock the keychain will be updated to your _new_ OsloMet password.

  • Click: OK

Skjermbilde: Ditt passord er oppdatert - klikk OK

NB! Note that you still need to update single passwords to OsloMet services that you may have stored on your keychain. Please follow the instructions onward.

4. Keychain Access

  • Search for "keychain" in the Spotlight  (the search spot on your Mac).

See the screenshot below.

Skjermdump av søkefelt i Spotlight

5. Find a network connection

You will find the various network connections in the overview.

  1. Find the connections where you want to change the password in.
  2. Select login in the left menu above, "Keychains".
  3. Select "Passwords" under in the menu "Category".

See example in the screenshot below to find a network connection for changing passwords in Keychain > Passwords.

Skjermbildet viser liste over nettverkstilkoblinger under Keychain > Passwords.

6. Change your password

Click on each network connection at OsloMet to change passwords.

  1. In the Show password change password (screenshot in Norwegian: Vis passord).
  2. Tick Show password if you want to see the password in plaintext.
  3. Then click Save Changes to save the new password (in the example, the field is inactive when no password is listed).

See example of a network connection Pullprint in the screen below.

Skjermbilde som viser eksempel på nettverkstilkobling