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The university application

On January 12, 2018 we became OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University. The process of getting Oslo and Akershus University College accredited as a university began more than ten years ago.

Obtaining university accreditation is a means of increasing the quality of education research which in turn can contribute to:

  • Increased appeal for students and employees
  • Increased appeal in external competition arenas
  • Increased adaptability through increased decision-making powers which will enable the institution to faster adapt in order to meet the needs of society.

Official documentation for the university accreditation 

The application documents



  • January 12: The King approved that Oslo and Akershus University College becomes a university. The new university is called OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University. In Norwegian it is called OsloMet – storbyuniversitetet.


  • December 15: A complete application is sent to the Ministry of Education.
  • December 15: HiOA's board accepts the name proposal OsloMet.
  • December 12: NOKUT approves HiOA's application for university accreditation.
  • November 13: NOKUT's expert committee delivers the report concluding that "HiOA meets all requirements for accreditation as a university".
  • September 14-15: NOKUT's expert committee conducts institutional visits to HiOA.
  • June 1: NOKUT appoints an expert committee to assess the university application.
  • February 22: HiOA submits the application for accreditation as a university to NOKUT (The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education).
  • February 7: HiOA's Board approves the university application (and the rector approves the latest changes in the application by authority of the board on February 15).


  • March 9: The HiOA board approves the basic document and formally approves to initiate the application process for university accreditation.


  • An early version of the university application is drawn up as a basic document. The work on the university application is project organised.


  • Oslo University College and Akershus University College merge and preparatory work with surveys and measures to enable the institution to meet the requirements for the university accreditation is commenced.


  • December: HiOA's board decides that the university college will become a university.


Ina Tandberg (project manager for the university initiative): tel. 47 61 79 18 / email: