Universitetsbibliotekets ressursgruppe for litteratursøk på Erasmus+ utveksling - Ansatt

The University Library's Resource Group for Literature Search on Erasmus+ staff exchange

The University Library's Resource Group for Literature Search on Erasmus+ staff exchange

Employees from the University Library visited two institutions in Stockholm with Erasmus+ mobility grant.

In November 2016, the Learning Center and Library launched a service where researchers can order systematic literature searches for a charge. Since the launch, we have focused on the implementation of ordered literature searches and further development of the service in terms of quality and efficiency.

Erasmus + staff exchange gave us an opportunity to visit the University Library at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm (KI), and at the same time exchange experiences with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

Since 2012, the librarians at KI have conducted literature searches for the institution's researchers. Over the years, this service has been further developed to handle approximately 70 search assignments a year. The experiences gained at KI over the years are therefore broader than we have managed to acquire so far. It was interesting to look into the framework around the service which makes it possible to process this high number of searches a year, such as order form, process description and documentation procedure.

KI  identified a need for support in relation to literature search early and subsequently created a service to answer the need. The library at SLU, however, had a different approach.

To find out what the institution's researchers needed from the library, a project was initiated where the first task was to identify summarised research published by researchers at SLU. Based on this, six researchers who had published summarised research were selected for interviews. Based on the researchers' own premises and requirements, they could identify which library services were most relevant. The library at SLU is now looking at this opportunity to function as a sort of hub for researchers working on publishing summarised research.

We returned to Oslo with several ideas on how to develop and streamline our own service, as well as an idea of ​​how we can assist the researchers in the best possible way and in accordance with their needs. The visit has also resulted in opportunities for further cooperation with two very interesting institutions.

Thanks to Erasmus + staff exchange that made this very worthwhile visit possible!