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Three tips on how to communicate with students at OsloMet

Our students are subjected to a lot of information during a day at campus, and this is in addition to the syllabus. Here are three simple tips on what you should consider when communicating with students.

1. First of all, think about the message and the target group. What do you want to say? And to whom?

Is this information relevant for only a group of students at a specific study programme, or is it something all students need to know? Your message will often be perceived as closer to the person receiving it, have more impact and be more visible when you consider who your target group is.

2. Choose what to tell the students! How important is your message?

Is this something the students must know to be able to get through their studies – e.g. semester registration or examination? Or, is it something that will help the students through their studies – e.g. career guidance or an Endnote course? Perhaps this is just entertainment and not relevant for your students at this point?

3. Is the timing right?

Consider your message in relation to the students annual cycle. Are your students having an examination and thus have a lot to think about? Is it the start of the semester? If so, perhaps the students are too busy with settling in? You may postpone priorities and say no.