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Employment agreement

Assignment with a timeschedule separatly. Hourly based employee with an assignment based on delivered timeschedules separately

Assignment with a timeschedule included in the agreement. Hourely based employee with a predefined assignment (maximum 3 months)

Employment according to the public Employee Act of 16th of June 2017 no. 67. Temporary employment according to Public Agreement Act section 9

Field marked with * is mandatory

1. The parties to the agreement

1.1 Employee

2. Period, agreement scope and workplace

2.1 Scope and period

If travel exspences is missing it needs to be specified in the desscription. OsloMet normally don't cover this

Please select type of assignment:

Store information before sending the form

Date is missing

Date is missing

Highest education is missing

Applies to assignments up to 1 month. The assignment is predetermined and timesheets are not required. Termination takes place without further notice when the assignment period ends. Salary is paid monthly on the 12th. Payment is inititated when the assigment is completed. This employment contract needs to be signed and returned to us by the 15th the month prior in due time for payment on the 12th.

Highest education is missing

Date is missing

From (hour) is missing

To (hour) is missing

Subject is missing

Number of hours is missing

Each date within the same assignment is stored here.

2.2 Workplace for this assignment

3. Salary and payroll specifics