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Our OsloMet

Our OsloMet

Competence development / Lederutvikling

Offers to new managers

In the management development programme emphasis is placed on developing well-run management replacement processes, as well as providing new managers with support through an internal mentoring scheme and a separate programme developed fro them.

Well-run management replacements

When a managers quits and a new one starts, it is important to facilitate a good replacement process by making sure that those who hold key roles know how to handle the retirement, entry and experience transfers.

OsloMet works with management replacements as an enterprise-integrated  process when relacements occur, but also by holding courses and workshops to increase the management replacement competence of responsible managers and support roles.

Watch the introductory film about the roles and phases of the management replacement process (in Norwegian only) (

Mentoring for new managers

The mentoring programme is part of the overall management development offer at OsloMet and a follow-up of our commitment to develop effective management replacement processes. The aim is to support new managers in the process of understanding and fulfilling their role in their context.

For more information about the Mentoring Programme for New Managers - follow the link.

Programme for new managers

The programme is designed to provide new managers with a network across the organisation, to contribute to organisational understanding and role-understanding as well as to develop management qualifications within human resource management and change-management in particular.

The purpose is to support new managers and make sure they feel secure in their new roles so that they (quicker) can carry out their responsibilities, respond to the demands and expectations posed to them and exploit and create opportunities.

In 2017-18,  the second year group will complete this programme. The Programme description can be found here.


The Management Development Programme