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Our OsloMet

Our OsloMet

Competence development / Lederutvikling

Offers to all managers

All OsloMet’s managers are offered competence raising measures and meeting places across the organisation.

Joint manager workshop

It is an objective in itself that managers get to know each other and develop an internal network between them. OsloMet facilitates for setting up meeting places where managers can discuss relevant topics, get inspired, challenge their own management practices and receive support from manager colleagues through experience sharing. Cross-cutting meeting places as these help create a shared culture and identity and a sense of community in the organisation.

Annually we organise 1-2 workshops where all OsloMet’s managers meet across organisational units and levels. The managers of the Student Parliament, the employee representatives with attendance obligation and the chief safety delegate are also invited. During the meeting the managers work on current topics that are relevant to them all, such as competency development, new strategies and digitisation.

In addition to these workshops,  to support the managers in their work, there are also special meeting places for target groups of managers in connection with specific processes and initiatives.

Programme for diversity management in the university,  university college and institute sector

Diversity is one of OsloMet's core values. This is why we have a programme for diversity management in the university, university college and institute sector in cooperation with the KIF Committee and the School of Management. The programme is open and has participants from a number of institutions in the sector.

Activity in the period 2015-2017:


The Management Development Programme