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Templates for macOS

How to apply official OsloMet Office templates for Mac.
  • informasjon

    This guide is for Office 2016 for macOS.

1. Open Word or PowerPoint

  • Select which Office application you will work with.

The software is located under Applications:

  • /Applications/Microsoft Office 2016/Microsoft Word
  • /Applications/Microsoft Office 2016/PowerPoint

See also: All official Office templates at OsloMet

2. Word > Preferences

  • Open: Preferences... - in the menu to the left.

Skjermbilde: Åpne Word, Preferences / Valg

3. Personal Settings > File Location

  • Select: File Location

Skjermbilde: Åpne File Location

4. File Locations

  1. Activate: Workgroup templates
  2. Click on: Modify...

Skjermbilde: Merk Workgrou templates, velg Modify

5. Choose a location

  • Scroll to: /Users

Screenshot: Choose Users

Continue 5. Choose a location...

  1. Scroll to: /Users/Shared/HiOA-maler
  2. Click: Open

Skjermbilde: Choose a folder, bla til du finner HiOA-maler

6. File Locations

  • Close the window, click on the red button upper-left.
Skjermbilde: Lukk deretter vinduet, klikk på rødt kryss til venstre

7. Test a template

Test the templates by clicking on:

  • File > New from Template

Skjermbilde: Velg New from Template

8. Select an OsloMet template

Note! Some Word templates may include macros that do not work on Mac computers.

  1. Open: Select a template from the list.
  2. Click: Create.

The following templates can be used:

  • HiOA - Generell brevmal (a common template)
  • HiOA generell brevmal_Engelsk (an English template)
  • HiOA notatmal.dotx (a template for memos)

Skjermbilde: HiOA-Word-maler er nå plassert under Words øvrige maler