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Our OsloMet

Our OsloMet

Corporate governance / Strategies and plans

Strategy 2024

Strategy2024 was adopted on June 15, 2017, and emphasizes that HiOA will be one of the country's leading on research-based knowledge for the welfare society. HiOA aim to be be an urban and diverse university with a clear international profile at the same time as we are close to the needs of society and the workforce. HiOA will be a professional organization that is in the lead in using new technology and solutions.

The new strategy has been adopted on June 15, 2017. 

Vision and slogan


Delivering knowledge to solve societal challenges.


New Knowledge – New Practice

Our values


In close cooperation with society and employers, our knowledge and experience will contribute to learning and to the modernisation of our study programmes. It will also contribute to developing the institution, the individual students and members of staff.


Innovation requires cooperation across disciplines, professions and stakeholders of the society. Our goal is to be inquisitive and open in our dealings with society, employers and businesses, and we will produce new knowledge that provides solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.


Our location in the Oslo region gives us good opportunities to understand and benefit from the city’s diverse population. We will promote equality and understanding – in society in general and among our students and staff in particular.

Goal and profile


HiOA will fulfil its social mission by preparing students, employers and decision makers for the future challenges of the welfare society.

Our goal is to be:

  • a leading provider of research-based knowledge to the welfare society
  • leading in terms of introducing new technology, innovative solutions and efficient work methods
  • an urban university with regional and national responsibilities, and with a clearly international character
  • a professional organisation with committed students and staff, and with a well-functioning infrastructure


HiOA will take a hands-on approach to meeting the needs of society and employers. Our study programmes will be of high international standard, based on research, close contact with professional practice and up-to-date, student-active forms of learning. Our research will be relevant and capable of solving the challenges of tomorrow. Our graduates will be educated to be engaged citizens who recognise the importance of, and are motivated for, lifelong learning. Our staff will conduct themselves in accordance with our values. Our organisation will be well run and professional.   

Main goal 1:

HiOA will be a leading provider of research-based knowledge to the welfare society.


  • Develop the teacher and nursing education programmes to become the best in Norway.
  • Develop three to five academic environments of particularly high quality, at least one of them in technology subjects.
  • Offer relevant practical training of high quality in our study programmes.
  • Strengthen the work on strategic development of our programme portfolio and discontinue programmes that, over time, fail to maintain sufficiently high quality or fail to attract a sufficient number of applicants.
  • Adapt the further and continuing education programmes to meet the needs of the employment market.
  • Increase the proportion of professors (including dosent),  academic staff with researcher competence and master’s degree students and PhD candidates to a level that is on a par with comparable universities.
  • Increase scholarly productivity, the number of candidates completing research training programmes, and dissemination to a level that is on a par with comparable universities.
  • Empower more academic staff to better disseminate knowledge about the welfare society, and encourage students and staff to participate in public debate.
  • Strengthen the process of integrating the centres engaged in externally funded research, while maintaining their special focus on revenue generation.
  • Strengthen our students’ knowledge about the role of research in society and train students in critical thinking.
  • Develop interaction between students, alumni, staff, employers, Norwegian, and international knowledge communities.

Main goal 2:

HiOA will be leading in terms of introducing new technology, innovative solutions and efficient work methods.


  • Establish innovation, value creation and entrepreneurship as key elements of education and research.
  • Develop and disseminate knowledge about welfare technology.
  • Make digital and technological expertise an integral part of our study programmes and academic environments.
  • Develop our position as a provider of decentralised teaching using digital teaching methods.
  • Establish binding alliances with research communities and knowledge-intensive businesses in the region with a view to developing new technology and efficient work methods.
  • Further develop our study programmes in management and organisational development in response to key challenges facing the welfare society.
  • Facilitate new student-active work methods in teaching.
  • Increase our efforts in educational research.

Main goal 3:

HiOA will be an urban university with regional and national responsibilities, and with a clearly international character.


  • Strengthen our knowledge about the Oslo region’s possibilities and challenges, and hold a high profile in the public debate on this topic.
  • Develop close cooperation with the regional authorities in the Oslo region, including strengthening Oslo as an internationally attractive university city.
  • Follow up and further develop the action plan for diversity in cooperation with relevant stakeholders in the region.
  • Improve facilitation of incoming and outgoing exchange students.
  • Take steps to ensure that all degree students have an exchange period abroad during the course of their studies.
  • Increase participation in international cooperation relating to education and research, particularly linked to EU programmes.
  • Strengthen and coordinate our international networks, at the individual, group and institutional level.
  • Develop knowledge about the international situation and about global challenges that are relevant to our study programmes and our research.
  • Integrate students with a refugee background in the student community and in our study programmes.
  • Further develop our competence in and capacity for international cooperation, including research-administrative support.

Main goal 4:

HiOA will be a professional organisation with committed students and staff, and with a well-functioning infrastructure.


  • Recruit academic staff who want to be at the forefront of research and education, nationally and internationally.
  • Improve our competitiveness in relation to recruiting personnel in all functions.
  • Further develop our training programmes aimed at improving the competence of our staff, and management development for academic, technical and administrative managers.
  • Establish long-term strategic staffing plans that meet our future needs for resource management, labour and competence.
  • Work continuously to improve and rationalise administrative support services, including a better system for corporate governance.
  • Offer digital solutions as the first choice for everyone who wishes to communicate with the institution.
  • Further develop our buildings in an environmentally friendly direction in cooperation with the owners.
  • Prioritise infrastructure solutions that reduce our ecological footprint.
  • Develop modern university campuses that can accommodate more students and new ways of learning and cooperating.
  • Develop activities at the institutional level in order to strengthen engagement, unity and a shared identity among students and staff.