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Tools and support

Tools and support

Access outside HiOA / Software for home use

Software for remote assistance

IT Service Desk can take control over your computer wherever you are and give you remote IT assistance with TeamViewer QuickSupport.

Prior to remote assistance

  • The computer must have Internet access to be able to receive remote assistance from IT Support.

Requirements for Windows

  • On Windows OS, your computer must have a VPN connection to the OsloMet network.
  • IT Service Desk may have to perform tasks that require administrator privileges on the computer.
  • frist

    Contact IT Service Desk in our opening hours for remote assistance.


Remote assistance

A. TeamViewer for Windows

B. TeamViewer for macOS

Get started with TeamViewer


IT Support offers Remote assistance

IT Service Desk can assist you with the installation of software, setup of a printer or other things you may need help with when working from outside OsloMet.

A. TeamViewer for Windows

On a OsloMet laptop:

  • Windows 10: Under the menu OsloMet Standard > TeamViewerQS

Skjermbilde: HiOA Standard meny Windows 10, finn TeamViewer QS

  • Windows 7: Download from BIT shortcuts via your dekstop, or locate TeamViewer QuickSupport under «C:\Program files (x86)\TeamViewer» or search for TeamViewer.

B. TeamViewer for macOS

On a OsloMet Mac laptop:

  • Dock: TeamViewer is either located on the Dock menu, or...
  • Spotlight: Search for TeamViewer.

Get started with TeamViewer

Start or download the application to your OsloMet laptop and arrange an appointment with IT Support for remote assistance.

1. Startup - Allow Remote Control

The application looks like this at startup, see the screenshot below.

Skjermbilde: Oppstart av TeamViewer

2. Your ID

  1. Enter ID: Your ID - which appears in the application. 
  2. Support needs the ID number to connect to your computer to offer remote assistance.