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Tools and support

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Sharing files and folders in Box

How to share files and folders with people outside of Box, and how to collaborate and distribute tasks in Box.


  1. Sharing files via link with non-Box users
  2. Document collaboration in Box
  3. Comment and distribute tasks in Box

1. Sharing files via link with non-Box users

1. Select the file or folder you wish to share via link.

  • Click on: Share

Dele fil i Box, steg 1

2. Click on the red link "People in your company" to choose who you wish to share with.

3. Select the access level for the file you wish to share:

  • People with the link - gives access to everybody in possession of the link, also people outside of HiOA.
  • People in your company - gives access to all users of Box at HiOA.
  • People in this folder - gives access to all users of Box that you have decided to collaborate with in the folder.

Box dele fil, steg 2

4. Choose who you wish to share the file with. Write a message, then click send to start the sharing.

Dele fil i Box, steg 3

Read more about sharing via links on

2. Document collaboration in Box

How to collaborate on folders and documents in Box with others, both internal and external users.

Inviting collaborators

You can invite people to be your collaborators for all the folders you create in Box.

1. Find the folder you wish to invite people to.

2. Select More options > Sharing > Invite Collaborators

Screenshot: Box dele mappe, steg 1 

3. Add those you wish to give access to the folder.

4. Write a message for those you will share the folder with.

Screenshot: Box dele mappe, steg 2

5. Choose the access level that your collaborators will have to the contents of the folder.

6. Click on Send Invites to share the folder.



Access levels

You can choose between seven different access levels to a folder for your collaborators. Get to know what the different levels include in the table underneath. 

Screenshot: Oversikt over tilgangsnivåer i Box

Cancelling and changing access

You can cancel or change the access that you have given a collaborator anytime you wish. 

1. Select Alternatives > More Options > Manage Collaborators

Screenshot: Slette eller endre deling av fil/mappe

2. Go to the group member that you wish to change the status for. Click on the drop down menu and select Remove or any other new access status.

Slette deling, steg 2

Read more about sharing and document collaboration on

3. Comment and distribute tasks in Box

How to comment on files in Box, and how to create and distribute tasks related to your files.

1. Find the comment button

To leave a comment or to create a task, click on the file in question. 


Find the comment field to the right in the picture:


2. Write a comment

You can now choose to leave a regular comment / feedback or to create a task.

  1. Write your comment.
  2. Click Post to complete.

3. Creating and delegating tasks

Select the Task sign on the right side of the comments field.


1. Add the person who will carry out the task.

2. Set a deadline for the completion of the task.


3. Enter the text for the task you want done.

4. Click Assign to create the task.

Screenshot: Lage oppgave i Box

4. Complete a task

The person who gets the task can either complete or decline it.

  1. Provide feedback for the person who gave you the task.
  2. Select whether the task is completed (Complete), if you want to decline it (Decline).
  3. Alternatively, you can wait by adding a new comment.

Screenshot: Ferdigstille oppgave i Box