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Printer setup for Linux

Set up Pullprint or other available multifunction printer (MFP) on a Linux Ubuntu computer for printing on campus.
  • informasjon

    The printing system at OsloMet is named Pullprint

1. Connect to the OsloMet network

The computer must be connected to the OsloMet network to be able to print documents. Choose between: 

  1. Eduroam – wireless network or
  2. VPN connection.

2. Start setup

  1. Go to System Settings
  2. Choose Printers

Systeminstillinger Linux

3. Add printer

  • Choose: Add - to add a printer

Legg til skriver

4. Settings

1. Choose: "Windows Printer via Samba" (see red square below)

2. SMB Printer (fill inn the following address):

3. Add your OsloMet username and passord.

  • Example: Username for student: s123456 

4. Click on: Forward


5. Driver setup

Start setup for driver:

  1. Choose: "Select printer from database"

  2. Choose: "Generic (recommended)" for printer

  3. Click on: Forward

Slik velger du driver for skriver med Linux

6. Driver Settings

Choose Driver:

  1. Model (first column): Set driver model to "PostScript"
  2. Choose driver: "Generic PostScript Printer Foomatic/..."

Slik setter du driverdetaljer for skriver med Linux

7. Finish setup

Describe Printer:

  1. Choose a name/location to describe the printer, for example: "Pullprint"
  2. Click "Apply" to finish the setup

Slik fullfører du oppsett av skriver for Linux

8. Printer is added

  • Printer is now added.

Skriver for LInux er lagt til

9. Server setup

  • Run the command: sudo vim /etc/samba/smb.conf

Serveroppsett for skriver med Linux

10. Client protocol and workgroup

  • Set client min protocol to: "SMB2"
  • Set client mac protocol to: "SMB3"
  • Set workgroup to: "ADA"

11. Restart smbd

  • Run command: "sudo service smdb restart"

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