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Project management

Project model

OsloMet's project model consists of phases, decision points (BP) and governing documents. The governing documents are drawn up in the preceding phase and sent to decision / processing in the respective decision points.

BP = stop-or-go-ahead decision points:

BP0 = Decide to consider ideas, alternatives and concepts

BP1 = Decide project start-up and project planning (in management fora at the institutional and faculty level)

BP2 = Decide implementation / approval of the project plan

BP3 = Approval of deliveries and plan for the realisation of profits

BP4 = Approval of termination of project and transfer to the line

There are 4 different outcomes in a decision point:

  1. Go ahead / continue according to plan, no changes in the prerequisites.
  2. Go ahead, BUT under changed prerequisites. "Yes, but .....".
  3. WAIT for the decision base to improve.
  4. Cancel or terminate the project.

The size of the project determines how the project is initiated and processed along the way.

  • Small projects are ongoing improvement initiatives  in the line. Examples include the review of a unit’s internal work processes or the use of new modules (of the limited kind) in a subject system. Small projects usually do not require significant project participation from other units; they can be initiated and followed up by the unit itself.
  • Medium and large projects are projects that will be part of the portfolio management process (do not apply to R&D projects and projects related to study reports and the like).


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