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Tools and support

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Print from mobile devices

There are three ways to print from your mobile device to "Pullprint"-printers at OsloMet. You can print from your OsloMet email account, from a website or from an app on your smartphone.


There are three ways to print from a mobile device to Pullprint printers on campus.

  1. Print from e-mail
  2. Print from website
  3. Print from app

1. Print from e-mail


You must send an e-mail (including attachments) from your OsloMet e-mail account.

1. Select black and white or colour print

Select one of the following print options:

2. Receive prints

You will receive the prints of both e-mail and (x) attachments you have sent.

Note: You will be notified on your e-mail when you can retrieve the print(s) from any Pullprint on campus. It may take a few minutes.

3. Retrieve prints

Retrieve the print(s) from any Pullprint printer on campus.

How to delete a print on a Pullprint-printer

If you do not want to print the body of the e-mail, you can delete it on the printer.

  1. Activate the e-mail printout, in the example below the e-mail body is at the top.
  2. Press the Delete button below to delete the e-mail which is activated.
  3. Activate the attachment and press "Print" to print the attachment. In this example it is a PDF.

Skjermdump: hvordan slette en utskrift på printer

2. Print from website


The computer must be connected the HiOA network either by Wi-Fi, the cable network or a VPN connection.

Why print from a website?

If you need to print a Web page or a document on your mobile device, for example a smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.

1. Login here:

A notification in the browser?

If you are notified that the website link above is not secure, you must approve HiOA (OsloMet) as a provider of the service, please go to the link here:

2. Click the button: Print

Log In

Enter the following:

  • Login ID: OsloMet username
    • Username for students: e.g. s123456 (s+student number)
    • Username for staff: e.g. britth
  • Password: OsloMet password
  • Click the button:  Log in

Step 1 Choose a Printer

1. Choose one of the following (two choices):

  • For B/W printing: mobilprint-hioa
  • For colour printing: mobilprint-hioa-color

Step 2 Document Information

Enter the following:

1. Choose between two choices:

  • Document: Upload the file you want to print
  • Web Page: Add URL / address of the website you want to print

2. Copies: (number of copies, optional) – Note: Maximum 10 pages.

3. Page range: (page from-to, optional)

4. Click: Continue

Step 3 Print Options

Under Page Settings – choose:  

  1. Paper (size.): A4 or A3
  2. Duplex: (Default is two sided/duplex)
  3. Orientation (direction with 4 choices): As Saved, Portrait, Landscape, Best fit
  4. Click on: Continue

Job Submission

1. Upload the file and send the file to printer: Files will then be uploaded to the printer server - time elapsed will be visible.

2. Message: "Approve" when the upload is finished.

  • Number of file (s) will be visible: "Sheets: 1"

3. Press the button: Submit Job To Printer - printout is sent to Pullprint.

4. Uploading file(s) – time elapsed will be visible.

The process may take a few minutes depending on the file size.

5. Message: "Complete" when the print(s) is ready to be picked up at the nearest Pullprint printer within 24 hours.

6. You can then select a new print job "Another Job" or "Log Out".

3. Print from PrinterOn-app


  • The computer must be connected OsloMet network either by wireless network, by cable or VPN connection.
  • Download app «PrinterOn» for Android at Google Play or for iOS at App Store. You must have a Google or Apple ID account to download the app.

1. Search for the application PrinterOn

2. Download and install the app (if you need help installing the app, see contact info)

3. Open the app PrinterOn on your device

4. PrinterOn-app looks like this – Click on it!

5. Select Settings below on the right.

6. Under Settings - select Services

7. Under Services - select Add Services...

8. Under Service Setup :

  • Enter the following under Server:
  • Please check if SSL is ON (slide the button to the right/activate)
  • Description: (optional name, ex. OsloMet)
  • Default Service: (slide the button to the right/activate)
  • Click the button: Test Service (to test server access)

9. If the test was OK – tick upper right (press √)

10. Back to Settings: Click on User Accounts 

11. Select: Add account...

12. Under User Setup:

Enter the following:

  • Account: OsloMet username
    • Username for students: e.g. s123456 (s+student number)
    • Username for staff: e.g. britth
  • Password: OsloMet password
  • Description: ex. OsloMet (describe your account)
  • In the field "Set as default for the following services": Activate the button for HiOA (OsloMet ). Slide the button to the right.
  • Tick up to the right (press √) - or go back (press the arrow on left side)

13. Add printer

Back to Settings:

Select the field/box below: No Printer Selected ...

.... or push the QR-code to scan the code under for automatic setup of printer.

14. Add printer:

There are several options for finding a printer in the menu bar at the bottom:
  • Saved: Shows what you have selected before
  • Enterprise: (not in use)
  • Network: (not in use)
  • Location: You can search for printer by location
  • Search: search for "HiOA"/"OsloMet" (if there is no match for HiOA")

15. Under the menu Location:

  • Press the Printer icon on campus to add a printer
  • Click: Save
  • Tick up to the right (press √)

You are finished!  Do a test print of a document from your mobile device. Go to the last step ...

16. How to print:

  • Documents: You can print documents from iCloud, DropBox or other cloud services that this app supports.
  • Under Documents > Mer: You must choose which services it will be able to print from; Disk, iCloud, DropBox Disk or the like.
  • Web: Enter address: Add an URL/website address.
  • Photos: Give access to PrinterOn to your album(s) on your mobile device if you need to print images.