Program for potensielle ledere - Ansatt

Do I want to be a manager? Programme for potential managers

Do I want to be a manager? Programme for potential managers

An important part of the preparation for recruitment to management positions is to identify potential managers within OsloMet. In autumn 2018, we are running a short programme for employees who are interested in management and are considering a management role as a relevant career path.


The object of the programme is to

  • raise awareness of succession planning and motivate talented staff to take on future key positions as programme coordinators / heads of departments, administrative managers, group leaders etc.
  • provide development opportunities within the organisation.
  • increase the number of applicants to management positions and ensure that staff at OsloMet who have a talent for management are among these applicants, and to promote a diverse group of applicants who can improve the gender balance and diversity in management positions.
  • provide an insight into the role of manager in an academic community and an introduction to what is expected of managers in general and at OsloMet in particular.
  • enable candidates to make informed choices about applying for management positions and ensure they are prepared if they actually take on such a position.

Activities in the programme

Before start-up

One-and-a-half-hour meeting to provide information and hold group interviews of the participants. The object is to clarify the individual participant's expectations and needs. This will contribute to the detailed planning of the programme.

Talk with own manager. The object is to clarify the framework for participation. Time must be set aside for participation, among other things.


Emphasis is placed on the programme covering topics that are relevant for a variety of management roles. The content is designed to also be useful for informal key roles for the participants who, at the end of the programme, do not apply for or are appointed to an advertised management position/a formal management position:

  • Contemporary theories on management and leadership
  • Management in academia and OsloMet as the context for management
  • Organisational culture and culture-building
  • Effective teams and management groups
  • Personal management qualities and using one's own and others’ strengths
  • Self-management, time management and prioritisation
  • Tools such as guidance of colleagues, chairing meetings etc.

The sessions will be organised as a mix of short lectures, exercises, group work and reflection on own learning.

The programme shall establish a social arena where participants, through the network, become familiar with the university across subject areas/functions and organisational entities. 

Between the sessions

During the programme period, the participants are asked to interview an experienced manager at the university about management at OsloMet. This is followed up at the next seminar as a reflection on management in theory and practice, and how this has influenced the participants’ assumptions about management. 

After the programme

A three-way talk will be held between the participant, personnel coordinator and external contributor on learning and motivation for management roles.

How to be admitted to the programme: Participant selection criteria and process

There are places for 24 participants in the programme. The participants are recruited in May–June 2018.

Note: Participants are not guaranteed a management position after completing the programme, and nor are they obliged to apply for management positions.


Motivation and capacity for participation. Wanting to take part and being able to take the whole programme are preconditions.

There may be more applicants than places. It will then be up to the faculty/department to prioritise based on an overall assessment of motivation, recommendations and an overall review of relevant participants to ensure that gender balance is, more or less, achieved and that there are participants with international experience or other diversity backgrounds.


Those who are interested in participating express their interest by writing a few keywords about their motivation for taking the programme. This is sent to the local contact person (see below) by 15 June.

Individual personnel coordinators can actively encourage own employees to apply to participate, and can recommend candidates directly to the contact person.

Each faculty/department has a contact person who accepts participant proposals from managers and from relevant candidates. The faculty/department draws up an overall list of relevant candidates, up to four each, which is then sent to the programme director Solveig Svantesen by 21 June. The participants will receive final notice of whether they will be offered a place by the end of June.

Scope, times and deadlines

The programme will run in autumn 2018, and will total around six days, including sessions and meetings.

Tentative dates for the sessions are:

  • 13 –14 September
  • 8 October
  • 25 – 26 October

Application deadline: 15 June 2018