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Project management / Project model

The planning phase

In this phase the implementation of the project is planned. The planning phase must result in a clear and detailed understanding of the intent, character and format of the deliveries. This will make it possible to identify the activities that are required to complete the project.

The project manager’s responsibility during the planning phase is to:

  • Ensure that the project has sufficient and motivated resources
  • Develop a project plan 
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis and draw up a communication plan
  • Carry out risk / uncertainty analysis, including assessment of impacts on the working environment
  • Explain any need for scarce resources such as IT, procurements, SK or faculty staff
  • Develop a detailed progress plan showing the deadline and responsibility, including training and implementation in the line organisation.
  • Develop a plan for profit realisation

The phase ends when the project owner approves the project plan (BP2) and its attachments. If the project is part of the project portfolio, the project plan must also be submitted to the portfolio office.


Verktøy og maler til planleggingsfasen