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Planning competence raising measures

Planning competence raising measures

Below follows important information if you are going to plan or implement competence measures through the OsloMet Academy.

Anyone in charge of competence measures that will be published through the OsloMet Academy must already in the planning phase inform about this by e-mail to

Please inform about the following:

  • Title / theme of the competence development measures
  • Target group - as clearly defined as possible
  • Purpose - how can learning outcomes be translated into practice and what kind of effects can we expect?
  • Date, month or term, depending on how far you have arrived in the planning
  • If you wish to have the costs or catering or external lecturers covered by the OsloMet Academy, see information further down.

Room booking at the KK Centre

The course coordinator must book rooms from the Course and conference centre (KK Centre). They have their own central room reservation ahead of each term.

Note the deadlines: October 1 for the spring term and April 1 for the autumn term.

The KK Centre also accepts room bookings on a continuous basis.

Publication of competence measures

When the course description has been drawn up, send it by e-mail to: for publication.

The deadline for the autumn term is May 1 and the deadline the spring term is November 1.

Download template for course description (.docx)  (in Norwegian only)


Would you like the measure to be promoted? Contact us already in the planning phase so that we can look into possible opportunities.


The Personnel Handbook for State Employees regualtes catering to courses and seminars etc. (link in Norwegian only)

The course should have a duration of at least three hours in order for the OsloMet Academy to consider covering any costs of catering. If you want the OsloMet Academy to cover catering costs, you must inform about this when planning the coming term. Information about date, duration and number of participants is requested when as soon as available. For the spring term the deadline is October 1 and for the autumn term the deadline is April 1.

External lecturer

If you wish to have the costs of an external lecturer covered by the OsloMet Academy, information must be sent and a dialogue must have been completed by October 1 for the spring term and April 2 for the autumn term.


The Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) has developed handy e-learning courses for those who work with training.

The tool «La Stå» is a digital guide for anyone who is involved in education and training activities in the public management. The guide is very useful and can be used if you are planning a course, writing a guide or making a major training programme.

"Funker det digitalt, da?" (“does is work digitally?”) aims to raise competency within digital training methods and online education for teachers, instructors, managers and HR staff, and thus to increase the use of digital education in the state.