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Outlook guides

Outlook guides

If you want to learn more about Outlook or to solve problems with some Outlook functions yourself, the following guides may help you.


Outlook address book

How to use the Outlook address book

Email attachments

How to attach files, contacts and tasks in emails

Encrypt emails and attachments

Encrypt emails and attachments

Marking of absence - auto-reply

Adding an auto-reply for when you are absent

Calendar - meetings and appointments 

Plan an appointment

Plan a meeting with others

Reminders in calendar

Add or remove a reminder

Add another person’s calendar to my calendar view

Open another person's calendar in Outlook Online / O365


Create contacts and contact groups (distribution lists)

Import contacts to Outlook

Create and manage contact groups – create a distribution list; send emails to several contacts.

Saving emails

Saving (exporting) emails and email folders

Bulk email - using bcc

Using blind copy to hide the recipient's name

Showing the blind copy recipients of an email


Creating a signature in Outlook – creating and adding a signature for emails.

Default signature at HiOA

Please keep the default text formatting in the signature. The following template should be the default email signature:


Kari Nordman
OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
(formerly Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences)
Tlf: +47 99 99 99 99/ 999 99 999
www.oslomet.no/eng - New knowledge, new practice

Basic tasks and shortcuts in Outlook

Basic tasks in Outlook – email tasks that you need to know about.

Quick start guides for Office 2013 – quick start guides.

Shortcuts inOutlook – if you want to know about the shortcuts.

Forward or redirect 

Automatically forward incoming messages to another email account