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Out of office auto-reply

How to make an auto-reply, i.e. an automatically delivered message in Outlook and Outlook online in case of absence.
  1. Auto-reply in Outlook
  2. Auto-reply in Outlook online

1. Auto-reply in Outlook

1. Start Outlook

  • Go to File > Information
  • Then click the button Automatic replies
Skjermbilde: Automatiske svar


2. Internal replies/messages

You will see a new dialog box.

  • Click on the option at the top: Send automatic replies
  • Insert the desired time period for which you want the message to be sent out
  • Enter the message text in the text field
  • Click OK to finish or select the tab Outside organization (on) if you want the message to be sent to recipients outside of HiOA.

Skjermbilde: Autosvarmeldinger internt

3. External replies / messages

  • For messages to recipients outside of HiOA tick off for: Automatically reply to people outside of the organisation 
  • You can copy and use the same text as the one above or write a new message text.
  • Click OK to finish

Skjermbilde: Ekstern autosvar

2. Auto-reply in  Outlook online

1. Go to

PS! Go to if you can't access Outlook online.

  • Go to Alternatives > Automatic replies

Skjermbilde automatiske svar outlook online

2. Choose auto-reply period

  • Select Send automatic replies.
  • Choose Send replies only in this time period.
  • Apply the specific time period during which you will be absent.

Skjermbilde: skriv periode for automatiske svar

3. Exsternal replies / messages

  • Enter the desired message
  • Choose: Send automatic replies to senders outside of my organisation.

Skjermbilde: Skriv svarmelding i Outlook Online

4. Save

To save your auto-reply, click OK

Skjermbilde: Lagre svarmelding