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Dissemination and publication / Open Access

Open Access Policy

Journals and editorial series published by OsloMet (HiOA) shall follow the principles for Open Access relating to free access to scientific publications.
In 2011 the Board at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) decided on the following policy relating to Open Access.

Open Access

OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University (former HiOA) aims to make research results publicly available in the Open Access Institutional Repository to ensure free exchange of ideas in connection with the research at OsloMet. Journals and editorial series published by OsloMet shall follow the principles for Open Access relating to free access to scientific publications.

OsloMet shall facilitate so that students and researchers may choose the publication channels that provide the best access to the publication, either because the channel has a good policy for allowing self-archiving or because the publishing channel is an Open Access publication channel.

OsloMet’s open institutional repository “ODA” shall include peer-reviewed or editorial-reviewed scientific publications.


The general rule at OsloMet is that students and researchers self-archive their publications in ODA. All peer-reviewed journal articles written by OsloMet staff members shall be made available in OsloMet’s Open Access institutional repository “ODA” as soon as possible after being published, assuming that the publisher has agreed to the article being self-archived.

Everyone must upload (deposit) their scientific articles in Cristin. If the journal does not allow self-archiving, or if the co-author does not approve of self-archiving, the manuscript will be stored in a closed institutional repository.

The following documents may be self-archived in ODA:

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles registered in Cristin.
  • Approved Master’s Theses from OsloMet’s own master’s degree programmes.
  • Approved PhD Theses from OsloMet’s own research training programmes.

Accessibility in ODA shall be in accordance with the agreements the author has entered into with the publisher and the publisher’s principles for self-archiving. The Learning Centre and Library (LSB) is responsible for copyright management relating to accessibility.

Establishing Open Access Journals

OsloMet offers technical infrastructure to establish Open Access Journals by using the software Open Journal Systems (OJS). However, the following guidelines must be followed:

1. The establishing of new journals shall be based on academic and scientific grounds. Comparable journals must be considered before a new journal can be established.

2. The journal must have procedures for peer reviews and must satisfy the requirements for a level 1 journal (cf. Norwegian Guidelines for Authorised Publication Channels).

3. The names of the editor(s) and the editorial board members must be given when the journal is established. New journals may not be established unless the editor has qualifications above Associate Professor level.

4. The journal must be openly accessible to its readers. All journals must use Creative Commons-licensing ensuring that the journal may be spread freely, and that it may not be commercially exploited (the journal allows self-archiving in an institutional repository and on the author’s website).

5. The journal must have a realistic publication policy and must publish at least six articles or other peer-reviewed contributions annually.

6. The journal must categories the content, either via the editor’s comments or in the table of contents.

7. It is normally required that OsloMet shall be credited as publisher.

8. These guidelines are assessed and reviewed by the relevant body every second year.


Publishing, Open Access Fund, Open Science Guidelines and Policies

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