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Tools and support

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Email in Outlook for Mac

How-to set up Outlook for Mac.


How-to set up Outlook Mac

1. Delete your old HiOA account in Outlook, if you've got one.

2. Open Outlook on your Mac.

Click "Preferences" in the Outlook menu.

Screenshot: Select Preferences

3. Choose Accounts

4. Choose "Add Email Account".

5. Fill in:

Click: Continue.


6. Log in with Feide using your OsloMet username and password.

Click: Log in.

7. Click: Done to complete your set up.


Delete old HiOA Outlook setup for macOS

1. Start Outlook.

Click: Preferences" in the Outlook menu.

2. Choose Accounts

3. Click on the  -sign in the down left corner to delete your old account.

4. Click Delete to confirm

5. Continue to set up your new OsloMet account.